Vengo de los labios,
voy en medio de cantidades,
desarraigando la esencia
como semillas de una loca fruta,
escucho un tambor
pero no es el corazón,
son golpes sobre la luz,
timbres sin origen.

Podría tratar de hacer
sentido de este enigma,
salir gritando a la calle:
¡lo irreal y bello de no saber!

Ay pero los ojos
son gotas en melodía turbia.

Crecí entre senos,
voy en medio de población
y reacción,
desarraigando la esencia
como dulces semillas
de una loca fruta.

Poesía Nihilista

máscara y enigma

He puesto una larga mirada
a la resolución de la máscara
atado ando como por brazos de siglos
un secreto espiral hace noche de mi razón –
el espíritu recóndito expulsado de su frente
parece llegar a la cumbre de una antigüedad;
esta máscara que espío desde el asiento de
mi soledad,
alzo humos entre los torbellinos del tiempo
algo infinito crece como olor entre sus gestos,
con sus manos de vino blanco me acaricia el deseo
de hierro mis horizontes se duermen;
aquí hay fondo tras fondo
hundimiento sin calidad de movimiento,
veo desde los ojos ecuánimes de la sombra
mi destino de máscara, cubriendo con tez
el enigma del vacío.

Poesia Moderna

ser huérfano

¿Fue error


llamarse huérfano

para recorrer descalzo

la inmensidad de las cordilleras

                del pensamiento

sin aire, ahogarse en las aguas nocturnas

                 del enigma

anclado en la soledad

para ver los edificios muertos cuando todos

              se fueron a dormir

crecer la barba por falta de espejo –

fue error

ser espectador único

  lombriz de tierra

aún en el lodo prístino;

inventando las nubes

que lloverán sobre los innavegables ríos

que lentamente llenan los océanos del futuro?



poesía del nihilismo contemporáneo

Aspectos de un anzuelo

La tierra se abrió
un abismo de luz
como el etcétera del mañana
en ese campo de posibilidad
miré con asombro y pueril tentación
el objeto de aspecto personal
es el reflejo en mis ojos
           de mi otro reflejo
las cosas saben a costas marítimas
sus puntas emergen de forma enigmática
es válido hablar de ellas como anocheceres
y tocar – estas cosas – al son de un génesis
pero no queda de otra, fatigarse
entre las acrobacias del tiempo
permanecer vivo pero acostado
en esta vida empapada de hipótesis
… era … sentía yo…
desprender un anzuelo
al corazón puro del misterio
esperar … algún acontecer. . .


It is impossible to remain coherent. It is an effort beyond human ability – and wonderfully convenient, it is only humans that desire coherence. Life, if you allow it to be, is too intense; and if you look for the words to describe or preserve it, then this intensity travels from wonder to monotony. There is not one single day that is ordinary – only because we are so intimidated by existence that we willingly enter that repulsive state of awareness called “normality”, which is to say, a trivial encounter with known and familiar objects. So, hours may seem like pleasant arenas, where nothing may occur too unexpectedly; but certainly the night comes, or leisure, or what bothers us immensely: waiting comes and hours turn into monsters, ordinary things into blasphemies. We then need to escape, leave this desolate stability; we need chaos, disorder, frenzy! Why? Because all along we’ve faked our pretty little ordered world. We did not want to see things too deeply, we ignored them so we could continue our 9-to-5 placid existence. So, when our hypocrisy is too heavy to bear, we desire madly to return to the world we ignored – we want to embrace the enigmatic, to unite with what is becoming and does not yet bear a name. So we rush away from ourselves only to wake up the next day sick with regret, as if we betrayed ourselves by indulging too much in the irrational. We bounce from one end to the other, grasping for complete coherence on the one hand and on the other, we strip ourselves naked for our plunge into unadulterated confusion. We are unable to leave permanently the false illusion we’ve created, but we fear to stay too long at the other shore, where laws, customs, languages, thoughts and egos break down.

Beyond Language Blog

Awe and confusion swirled together


Pain by Hands of Crimson (deviantart)

We fling ourselves out into the depths of this tumultuous motion (there is always an implicit decision to stay alive) – we are agonizing in the effusion of forms, attitudes and energies of this world, we succumb to the simultaneity of all events, approaching a boiling point which will end in a devastating orgasm. This life that with relentless power can lift you to regions of unshakable astonishment will drop you with equal force into the pits of boredom and suicidal retreat. It becomes an experience so intense that all those wonderful insights attained by your constant awareness to the profundity of existing forms can be, and will be, torn apart by the abysmal fissure that comes in between reality and our conceptions. Our epoch has demystified the themes of history, art, philosophy, science – any study that pierces Being and divests it from the shallowness of routine – themes we are engaged in by our simple breathing and acting  in a world that is constantly being measured, recorded, discussed and because of these, it is being doubted more than ever.



Out of the circumstance of standing on the axis of what is to come and while repeating beyond illusion the experience, over and over again, of existing as part and parcel of this monstrous universe – out of all these circumstances there arises a sentiment which remains for the most part unspoken yet when united to the urgency of our desires it wishes to break through as a divine voice, a repercussion that will echo through the immensity of space and time, an outpouring of this vital disbelief that defines our existence; in short, an eternal statement understood and recognized by everyone:



Can all this be real?



Exactly because the world’s diversity can only be matched by its incomprehensibility the human being, passenger in life, is unable to remain in the state of absolute veneration (the all-too-common fear of the unknown) and must distract himself with whatever nuisance is thrown in his way. Fortunately, there is excitement in monotony; there is pleasure in painful depressions.


We are obeying something vastly superior, something that always exceeds our two modern poisons: reason and technology. We aspired to imitate nature with those silly contrivances. We, subjects to our bodies, to history and the course of the planet, we return to bed every night insulted simply because we cannot deceive ourselves much longer: the world we have come out of has created itself and us without the tool of reason; and in that inexplicable unreasonableness it has fashioned machines infinitely superior to our latest technologies – we see it all around us, the biological world, a miraculous product abandoned by the silent God of Purposelessness.


After we finish with this continuous enigma, we open our eyes to challenge again the naked world, to tease it with our actions and desires….
“oh what a world” we say,



and reenter the game once again.



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Laberintos de piel


Hay un laberinto de piel
envolviendo la pureza del vacío
Hay volúmenes de células
que visten la transparencia total
La conciencia es una bestia insaciable
es un espejo sin contenido
Es la búsqueda por rellenar
              barriles y cofres
con el velo de un humo espiral
Son las noches con soles lejanos
son franjas de tiempo y dolor:
es un baile ciego en la oscuridad.

Nocturnal Studies


Existence was always for me a dark place. It was not necessarily depressing or ominous; it was dark because it lacked explanation and purpose. But somehow, after years of purposelessness, I have begun to love life’s obscurity.

There’s something enchanting about the enigmatic — anything that conceals something deeper or unknown is generally very intriguing, like a mask or a symbol. Analysis is the ability to dive below the surface of a thing in order to grasp its inner structure. The purpose of writing is vague and uncertain. Entertainment? Transmission of knowledge? Spontaneous activity? All three are plausible but foremost, for me, writing has a symbolic function. It is the disguised voice of the raving lunatic we all carry inside. Most struggles in life are born from the dissension between our waking consciousness and the nocturnal beast that dwells in the swampy pit of our unconscious. If that treacherous monster had a voice, what would it say? It would probably roar…

If only we had the strength and perseverance to record every fleeting detail. All those frustrated desires, every old man that crossed our path, every wind that lifted a billow of dust before our eyes. What would we discover then? Do we grasp ourselves better in representations; is the mirror’s image our final wisdom?
Will the beast be tamed when he sees his own deformity?