The lost dreams of a lost man…



Abandon, ever so vague

a name entirely unpronounceable

a thought, utterly worthless

      then a feeling without  face

 a touch without my skin

              I’m too old to restart this engine

I must move on, abandon

       what once was light now is shadow

           what was once purpose is now fiction

there is a pure moment

        (nothing else)

                no matter what I think

it’s not my call to make

               there is only a pure moment

(nothing else)

              I might pretend to stir this vessel

but it’s really not my doing

there is apparently something ancient

               something beyond measure

I don’t sense it, life is cold as cement

The waves are coming down on me

        I can only laugh

 sometimes I feel like expanding indefinitely

           but a cage made of ribs

keeps my insides in their place

The next step is here… it’s too late

     to look back.






Modern Poetry


Unable to escape this vast dawn

hanging upon me like an atmosphere of chemicals

a mechanical tingling from ages’ past

I’ve collected the motionless quantum of floating seeds
constantly mirroring the pinpoints of valleys

as seen from peaks of departure

I’ve spoken with the dark red shade of tomorrow
perhaps seducing despair to taste my blood

her choice fluttered like a hummingbird’s thought

I’ve fallen in those perimeters of wonder
unfelt timelessness

incapable of resisting the language of rising steam

The old skins of trees invade the territory of sense
while curves vague as clouds

              embroil this journey’s end.

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Nocturnal Studies


Existence was always for me a dark place. It was not necessarily depressing or ominous; it was dark because it lacked explanation and purpose. But somehow, after years of purposelessness, I have begun to love life’s obscurity.

There’s something enchanting about the enigmatic — anything that conceals something deeper or unknown is generally very intriguing, like a mask or a symbol. Analysis is the ability to dive below the surface of a thing in order to grasp its inner structure. The purpose of writing is vague and uncertain. Entertainment? Transmission of knowledge? Spontaneous activity? All three are plausible but foremost, for me, writing has a symbolic function. It is the disguised voice of the raving lunatic we all carry inside. Most struggles in life are born from the dissension between our waking consciousness and the nocturnal beast that dwells in the swampy pit of our unconscious. If that treacherous monster had a voice, what would it say? It would probably roar…

If only we had the strength and perseverance to record every fleeting detail. All those frustrated desires, every old man that crossed our path, every wind that lifted a billow of dust before our eyes. What would we discover then? Do we grasp ourselves better in representations; is the mirror’s image our final wisdom?
Will the beast be tamed when he sees his own deformity?