The color of uncertainty

Very pleased to have my second solo exhibition at Red Door Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Address: Møllegade 23 A, kld. tv, 2200 Kbh N.

Opening date: September 16th
Time: 4pm – 7pm

Exhibition runs from September 16th to October 9th.

From the event’s description:

Red Door presents THE COLOR OF UNCERTAINTY, featuring the latest works by Costa Rican-Danish artist Pablo Saborío.

After a period of unrest, isolation and existential uncertainty, Saborío wrestled with the darkness of his mind to create new works that explore the potency of color as a means of achieving catharsis – the purification of emotions through art, which culminated in a sense of renewal.

The works exhibited feature pulsating fields of dynamic frenzy while simultaneously (and paradoxically) being in a state of composure. Saborío utilizes different mediums such as paper pulp, ink, acrylics, and wood on acrylic glass to create stunning effects.

These are some of Saborío’s ‘last paintings’ before he transitioned toward video poetics, a merging of experimental video art and poetic discourse.

THE COLOR OF UNCERTAINTY will also feature a display of many of Saborío’s video productions.

Beer, wine and refreshments will be served for the opening.

Pablo Saborío is a Costa Rica-born artist and poet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will be his 5th solo exhibition in Denmark since 2015 and his second solo exhibition at Red Door Gallery, after RETURN TO SOURCE (2016).

The Unknown is Shining – solo exhibition

I’m happy to announce I will be showcasing a solo exhibition – The Unknown is Shining – at Der Kaiser is tot- det frie galleri in Copenhagen.

| The exhibition will run from December 14th, 2019 to January 27th, 2020 |


Here’s a link to FB event:

Hope to see some of you that are based in or around Copenhagen.

Dissolve in Cosmos – Solo exhibition

I am pleased to have my next solo exhibition at Blaa Galleri.

DISSOLVE In Cosmos - Pablo Saborio

When: June 16 – June 29
Where:  BLAA GALLERI (Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 København)

Pablo Saborio Exhibition 2017

I will be showcasing more than 25 new works, with the majority painted on glass or in between glass panes.
FB event:

Hope to see you there!


Famous art at Old National Gallery in Berlin, Germany

Following are some of famous painters’ art works in the Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie) in Berlin, Germany.  The works in this museum are mostly Classical, Romantic with a tad of Impressionist and Modern Art.


You will find a limited amount of paintings by Delacroix, Goya, Manet, Monet but an overabundance of German painters such as Menzel, Weitsch, Corinth, among others.

Sitting on the second floor is a copy of Rodin’s famous sculpture ‘The Thinker’.

More famous art to come in the near future, enjoy!

Seated Nude, Eugène Delacroix

The Maypole, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

Bärtiger Männerkopf im Profil nach rechts, Adolph Menzel

Falke auf eine Taube Stoßend, Adolph Menzel

Der Fuß des Künstlers, Adoplh Menzel

Tritons and Naiads, Max Klinger

Woman in Rose-Trimmed Hat, Lovis Corinth

Nanna, Anselm Feuerbach

Children’s Afternoon at Wargemont, Auguste Renoir

Chestnut in Blossom, Auguste Renoir

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, Paul Cézanne

Mill on the Couleuvre at Pontoise, Paul Cézanne

Still Life with Fruit and Crockery, Paul Cézanne

White Lilac, Edouard Manet

In the Conservatory, Eduard Manet

View of Vétheuil-sur-Seine, Claude Monet

Houses at Argenteuil, Claude Monet

Summer, Claude Monet

Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois in Pairs, Claude Monet

The Author David Friedländer, Friedrich Georg Weitsch

The abbot Jerusalem, the Father of “Young Werther”, Friedrich Georg Weitsch

Sin, Franz von Stuck

The Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HEGEL, Jacob Schlesinger

The Thinker (copy of original in Paris), Auguste Rodin

Tahitianische Fischerinnen, Paul Gauguin

Richard Wagner, Franz von Lenbach

More Famous Art