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Many have come here before to ask the question. They marveled at the columns and the noise. The incessant murmur of structure emerging within and around itself. They viewed everything as process, energy evolving and dissolving. This is such a time when boundaries and definitions return to a shapeless condition. It is not in vain that you ask for the meaning of meaning. To wonder why colors are glued to one another in orgasmic combinations, why the universe seems so fragile and poetic.

Now, we can approach this in two mutually exclusive ways. You have the power to construct a language around everything you see. Or you can enter this experience without the aid of interpretation. This juncture is vital. Taking the first road will have you walk through life as an atom bouncing off the shells of endless situations. Taking the second road will produce a dance, a field where experience makes ripples similar to illusion traveling through the infinite surface of a dream.

Here is a doorstep and below a gigantic void. The leap is not escapism, but recognition of the futility of narratives that create and re-create themselves without our control. We can move calmly into the unknown; allowing everything to lose its identity and dissolve back into a dream-like cosmos.


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all the fury ready to beautify 2020 Pablo_Saborio





Pablo Saborio Art The Thing That Escapes 2019

Pablo Saborio Paintings Art 2018

Pablo Saborio Contemporary Art

Pablo Saborío art

2016   :



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2014  :




Streams of Consciousness (2013) :






Contemporary Abstract Art

Abstract paintings (2009 – 2012):

battle of salamis 480 bc
Abstract Art Pablo Saborio

Portraits/Self-portraits (2009 – 2012):

before_I_collapse_email_pablo_saborio.jpgContemporary painting Pablo Saborio

Experimental/Conceptual painting artwork (2011 -12):

Pop Art Abstract painting 2012
Contemporary Art

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Old Statements:

What is art? I guess many people have had or still maintain clear ideas of what art is or what it should be. I’ve never been sure about the meaning of art. That’s why I do art, I’m trying to find out what art can be, what it can provoke or stimulate in others, but also to find its limitations, to note its failures. Many people in the past have placed a lot of hope in art. Art a as a means to redemption, salvation or enlightenment: personal, social or political – it’s all the same. After millennia of diverse art forms, I don’t think we can be sure of what art is, what it should do or achieve. Sure, today art is a commodity, we decorate our walls and interior spaces with it, but surely it is much more than that. At least for the artist. But the artist is only exploring, perhaps guessing and trying to find ways to mold his or her reality. In the end we create a new object, we give birth to an original artifact and then keep working, returning the darkness of our solitude to seek new forms and new modes of expression while the finished piece of art is abandoned to a world we cannot control or define. Art for me is scratching the walls of reality, leaving a few incomprehensible marks in a cave or canvas and not worrying about what society or the future will decide about the work. Perhaps everything we do is only vaguely important: pursue a career, start a family, take a drop of acid, travel around the world, listen to music, have sex, laugh, commit a crime or save the lives of millions of starving people. We simply do what we feel we must do. But, if truth be told, no one can be certain if it will hold any definite meaning in the end.




Art is perception. Perception with meaning. Meaning that goes beyond the insipid realm of words. Philosophers have in vain struggled to define reality. Careful consideration will prove this to be the most absurd conundrum. By definition, the only objects we can define are words. The act of defining is providing an object of reality a corresponding word to name it. Words are sign posts. They point to something other than themselves. Existence is not a word. An attempt to define it is as impossible as to receive nutrition by naming all the ingredients in the plate of food in front of you. Knowledge is not words. Knowledge is to grasp the meaning behind the words. If it were possible one day that, at the peak of our scientific and philosophical endeavor, we attain awareness of all the processes of nature and biological life we may set up a (sign post) model of the whole of reality with words and mathematical formulas, all we’ve done is created a new universe, a replica of this one in our heads. We wouldn’t have defined reality, we would have reproduced it. Reality does not have a meaning, it is meaningless. The only objects that have meaning are the man-made. Or more precisely, meaning comes through as man is The Beholder of the World. A tree does not have meaning, it is not false or true, it just is. Veracity and falsity are only found in our propositions about things, not in things themselves. By nature we are beings that dwell upon Meaning. We are in love with the quest of finding an image of ourselves. We want to become contemplators of our own intimate nature. As the highest quest in life is to know oneself through and through we create mental images of ourselves. And once we have a complete image of ourselves we surpass it, we are new individual with a new knowledge, in short, we are born again.

The objects of art pursue this conquest. They speak to us in perceptions of form and color. They illuminate the objects of our world and their relationship with ourselves. They are, in the highest sense of the word, philosophical. For philosophy, in the most naive sense, is reflection. The Objets d’art reflect the world the surrounds us and is hidden within us, they provide a laboratory for transforming our being. Art materializes into the physical world unspoken intuitions that make up our inner constitution; we bring forth into the world a mirror that reflects our cavernous soul. With the images of art we can shape our mind, for our mind is like a block of marble. The art of life is to mold this sculpture; it is the process of transformation that is at the heart of life itself.

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26 thoughts on “Art Work (paintings)

  1. wow.
    this stuff is really amazing to say the least.
    ive read some poetry too and it is great =)
    keep it up! =)

    -amanda (

  2. Hollow, No-Thing, Nihilism, Void, Emptyness, Tao… : please do not refrain from writing to me in case you ‘ re interested in the Artistic / Musical AND mathematical / Physical boundaries & possibilities of such concepts.

    My e-mail: ” ” .

    Thanks from a “NeverLand” in a keltik country (guess which one…)


  3. Que buenas obras mae, no estaba al tanto de esta virtud tuya. Cuando vuelva por aca se trae algo de lo que ha pintado, me encantaría una de fijo, como recuerdo de un compa y porque estan excelentes. Que buena vibra mae!

  4. i love the way you express your self into is deep and maybe it is nice if i can`t catch all, that means i am on my safe side, our paintings i love it. But i can see too much pain.Explain to me

  5. Estoy alucinada con tu trabajo, eres un artista increíble. Si no te importa añado un link a mi blog para poder seguirte. Sigue así, expresas verdades como puños.

  6. pablo,

    im impressed by the intelligence of your art. it speaks through abstraction, but there are hidden powerful messages in there. excellent works of art!


  7. Nihlisme , Orwell , et délitement du SENS PREMIER du Grand-Tout que pouvaient avoir les Anciens Sages comme Sitting Bull … :

    Paroles de \”Sitting Bull\” : existence, possessions, lois, taxes…
    \”Regardez mes frères, le printemps est venu, la terre a reçu les baisers du soleil et nous verrons bientôt les fruits de cet amour. Chaque graine est éveillée, et de même, tout animal est en vie. C\’est à ce pouvoir mystérieux que nous devons nous aussi notre existence. C\’est pourquoi nous concédons à nos voisins, même nos voisins animaux, autant de droit qu\’à nous d\’habiter cette terre. Cependant écoutez-moi mes frères, nous devons maintenant compter avec une autre race, petite et faible quand nos pères l\’ont rencontrée pour la première fois, mais aujourd\’hui, elle est devenue tyrannique.

    Fort étrangement, ils ont dans l\’esprit la volonté de cultiver le sol, et l\’amour de posséder est chez eux une maladie. Ce peuple a fait des lois que les riches peuvent briser mais non les pauvres. Ils prélèvent des taxes sur les pauvres et les faibles pour entretenir les riches qui gouvernent. Ils revendiquent notre mère à tous, la terre, pour eux seuls et ils se barricadent contre leurs voisins. Ils défigurent la terre avec leurs constructions et leurs rebuts. Cette nation est comme le torrent de neige fondue qui sort de son lit et détruit tout sur son passage.\”

    – Grand chef Sioux Tatanka Yotanka \”Sitting Bull\” (1830-1890)

    Occi-Dent : Occire ( = Tuer en ancien français),
    l\’ Occi-Dent a tjrs. sorti ses Dents de vampyre …

    L\’ Occident me fait HONTE d\’ être tout simplement un humain

    Una mas entre la muchedumbre cabreada…23 juillet 2012 23:00

    Notre ère est une véritable ère du vide .
    Klaus .

    la polémique ébauchée entre M. Bellin & El Duende ( del Flamenco ?…) est riche, digne d\’ être développée : mais tellement complexe !

    D\’ abord il faut choisir la bonne approche : pour moi elle est irrémédiablement libertaire -et donc certes + proche du Duende que de M. Bellin – car c\’est à chacun de tracer & de créer SON Sens ds la totalité \”cacophonique\”, oui MAIS…
    il n\’ en reste pas moins que, DS LE CAPITALISME, l\’ \”hyperindividualisme\” (qui n\’ a strictement RIEN à voir avec celui prôné par le sublime Hans Ryner et tous les Anarchistes fin XIXème & début XXème) aboutit à un délitement du Sens.
    Or, après la mort du concept de \”dieu\” (et notamment du \”dieu\” des monothéismes) à la Révolution fçaise & à la Commune , après la mort de l\’ \”Homme\” avec les camps de concentration nazis en Europe (y compris ds l\’ Hexagone, les Résistants au fascisme Ibères en savent qque chose, et les Tziganes également !…) , que restait-il à détruire ?
    Il restait… la Mort du Sens, détruit par \”dilution pléthorique\”, par noyade médiatique ds la société du Spectacle qu\’ \”on\” ns a concocté si bien après 1945…: des penseurs comme DEBORD, Barthes, Deleuze & Guattari, Ivan Illitch, Marcuse Erich Fromm etc etc et j\’ en passe avaient VU tout cela.

    Mon e-mail où l\’on peut me répondre (il est plus-que-rarissime que je m\’ implique ds un \”blog\” !!) c\’est : \” das (dot) augenlicht (hat) gmail (dot) com \” , en hommage à ce géant de la Composition Dodécaphonique que fut Anton Webern.

    C\’est à vous désormais , Klaus.

    Rédigé par : klaus | 06 avril 2010 à 00:37

    Intéressé par des DERIVES SITUATIONNISTES à Nantes remémorant celles de Benjamin Péret & Breton ds la même ville …. ( cf. \”Nadja\” .)

    Moi :

    augenlicht das
    Portrait de das :

    Radicalement anti-capitali$te sans concessions : donc horreur absolu du comuni$me par la même occasion & pareillement , puisqu\’ il s\’ agit d\’ un capitalisme d\’ état … ; Horreur absolu de la pub & de toute forme de compromission avec l\’ establishment franco-parisien.

    Ami des Hackers & du Piratage en gral. , ennemi de la sacem & de hadopi et de toutes les formes de répression + ou moins déguisées ;
    Socio-démocrates mous ou molles s\’ abstenir DONC .

    En définitive , in fine , Seuls comptent la culture & le partage radical des richesses ( matérielles aussi bien que culturelles , l\’ un n\’ allant pas sans l\’ autre …).

    Alors si ça te va Camarade … Ma vision du Monde est (presque) totalement ORWELLIENNE ! …

    * Qu\’est-ce que l\’Économie Circulaire Intégrale
    * Une caricature de l\’économie linéaire
    * Parties prenantes linéaires; parties donnantes circulaires
    * Le mystère \”économique\” résolu.
    * Commerce, bien commun et énergie libre
    * Le \”Jack-in-the-box\” de l\’énergie libre
    * La privatisation de l\’eau, bien commun
    * Déclics psychologiques simples

    Sagesse, citations ( Wisdom : Quotes on Wisdom …) :

    * Citations de \”Standing Bear\” : appartenance, race, sauvage…
    * Citations de Hehaka Sapa, Black Elk, Oglala : la circularité
    * Prophétie amérindienne
    * Discours du chef indien Seattle en 1854
    * Citations de Vernon Cooper : savoir, connaissance, sagesse…
    * Discours du chef indien Seattle en 1854
    * Citations de \”Black Elk\” : paix, communication, pouvoir…
    * Paroles de \”Sitting Bull\” : existence, possessions, lois, taxes…

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