Peregrino – Wayfarer

cuando terminé
de empacar
el universo
en mi mochila
ya había olvidado
a donde iba,
quería sentir como si
un candelabro opulento
colgara sobre
mi cabeza
iluminando con sus mil
todas las distancias
en este palacio
de tierra,
el destino
por más sinuoso que fuera
terminaría en el abismo
por eso te dije
antes antes antes
de que seamos polvo,
seamos barro unánime
en las manos
del alfarero,
un tazón
lleno de vino
para el poeta,
un seno de arcilla
en la boca del
dios que canta.


A translation:


By the time
I finished
the universe
in my rucksack
I had forgotten
where I was going
I want to feel as if
an opulent chandelier
hangs over
my head
illuminating with its thousand
all distances
in this palace
of earth
however sinuous
the path
it ends in abyss
so I told you
before before before
we become dust
let’s become unanimous mud
in the potter’s
a cup
full of wine
for the poet
a breast of clay
at the mouth of
the god
that sings.


contemporary poetry

hum along


Hum, hum, hum
numb, numb, numb
here I am gone
she flakes off
blue nail polish
thus we glide
in underground
bum, bum, bum
my bore-dom
wrong, wrong, wrong
I’m undone
rum, rum, rum
I’m no fun
alone in the world
I am on the run.


Motion contemporary poetry

the walk
curled smoke
like a hallelujah
a modicum of light
on her eye
that stares infernally
at you


aging with the pulp
a journey whose
voice praying on ash
gains no wisdom

the want
disseminating doubts
that coil around the flesh
but no soul


the last moment of the day
a cello
in the air
with collapse


ambulant timekeeping
wayfaring in delirium
still listening to
the living


contemporary poetry