Travel: Here, is the clamor.


Here, is the clamor.
Totality crackling.
I gather every seed of noise
as grains of rice
inside my cupped hands.
A nomad hymn has travelled
as a fantastic bird
through an atmosphere of time.
Its reflection is a worn
anatomy of ripples:
moving slowly like a full
moon pulsating on a lake’s surface.
The song and the silence
have become animals
savagely wrestling for
a piece of creation. I’m
watching their pristine
movements from a land
where gods sit next to
man, woman and child;
where we all sit
rapt and perplexed
by the howl of the light
and the course of silence.
This is a land where even the gods
confess not knowing their origin;
much less the nest
from which the primal rhythm took flight.

Contemporary Poetry

Travel: I see a man praying

I see a man praying


I see a man praying.
He’s begging, worshiping,
believing. I see a man that wants
to disappear from this world of weight;
I see a man that pleads to blend,
to unite, to be one with the absolute
meaninglessness. I see a man praying
inside a Hindu temple – speaking words
that only he hears and yet he is able
to convert this sight of flesh to fragrance,
from bone to beatitude, from blood to blossom.
I see a man waving to his idol and I keep walking
towards the heart of the jungle.

Contemporary Poetry

Travel: I wanted mystery


I wanted mystery.
Huge black eyes
drawn to a mystic smoke.
The electricity of the rock.
The mantra of the beast.
I wanted to be crushed
and cursed by the flames of misery.
I come to India to hunt
for the invisible possibility.
To cease traveling in a vehicle of thought-
to walk on the scorching embers of intuition.
I wanted to drown in a river and resurface
as an absolute beginner.
I came and saw the mystery.
I came to see the truth
that there is no truth,
written in the eternal language
of their sacred eyes.
I came to India to tie all the threads
of incense around my restless soul.
Here I am.

Contemporary Poetry

or so I thought close to the streets of vienna


In all movement
mine – song symbol:
reality –
when the petals of the wind
become attached
to the tips of your fingers
or hitherto
forgotten expression to heaven
skin on bud of sun
nipple aroused –
in the movement
nude treeness
like eternity
undressing –
meaning must
cast a shadow
the ephemeral becoming
thick as the universe
really subjective
a passage
dot to object to volume
total names
the world lashing
to and fro
as a tail
from my pen
pressed hard
and swift
against a table in



of romania

was looking
for a first edition of Cioran
Bucharest centrum
when the clouds started to resemble
huge Russian cathedrals –
the formulas of the shades
when the leaves impress their echo
on the sidewalk
multiplied the shadows of my doubts
was the equation of invisibility
the sole proof of my awareness?
could enlightenment
as the metronome of two insect antennae
at the feet of a unambitious cop
sipping his coffee?
I was at the edge
blurred by the stream of accelerating
cosmic mirage
awaiting a cacophony of perception
to belittle the borders of I-ness and other-ness,
corridors of unwavering brilliance
like the eyes of the drunk woman
that woke up moments ago
after dreaming on the sidewalk
that she was a cat
licking with her coarse tongue
the creamy nipples of the
colorless night.



Poetry 2011

on a camel

Berber Desert Camel

On a camel
deeper Morocco
sunset soon
near Sahara

there I started
      to feel again,
the beautiful earth
turning in the dream of night;

the stars sailing my mind
all the stars

staring at the opposite end
   of time

in a tent
Berber land
sun gone
       near the mighty Sahara.


Modern Poetry


Motion contemporary poetry

the walk
curled smoke
like a hallelujah
a modicum of light
on her eye
that stares infernally
at you


aging with the pulp
a journey whose
voice praying on ash
gains no wisdom

the want
disseminating doubts
that coil around the flesh
but no soul


the last moment of the day
a cello
in the air
with collapse


ambulant timekeeping
wayfaring in delirium
still listening to
the living


contemporary poetry