Casi no existir

Suspiro, eterno espiral
noche de espuma, revoltijo
antes de ayer, cuando la luz era invisible
las células eran pájaros voladores
la sangre era horas de la tarde
despertar era recrear la creación
reconstruir la Nada… crear la primera partícula
nombrar el vacío
el hermoso inexplicable puente
que une esta historia con la profundidad sin rostro
el tiempo perdido no tiene culpa
nunca ha existido la muerte;
la piel tocándose a sí misma
la lengua con sabor a lengua
la gota de agua sin borde
inmóvil las torceduras del árbol
inmóvil cae la hoja por los aires –
nunca existió la muerte
vivir es casi no existir . . .

3 thoughts on “Casi no existir

  1. Is that one of your pictures, Pablo?

    I’m not sure what this means, but I had fun saying it out loud.

    Hope your weekend is full of good cheer! The Optimistic Tree

  2. Yes it is, most pictures on my blog are.

    It goes, roughly, something like this:

    Sighing, eternal spiraling
    night of foam, unquiet
    before yesterday, when light was invisible
    cells were flying birds
    blood was the hours in the afternoon
    to awake and recreate all of Creation
    to rebuild Nothingness… to create the first particle
    falling silent,
    naming emptiness
    the beautiful inexplicable bridge
    that united this history with faceless profundity
    Time has no blame
    Death has never existed;
    the touch of skin on itself
    the tongue tasting the flavor of tongue
    the drop of water without edge
    motionless the contortion of the tree
    motionless falls the leaf through the air –
    never once Death existed,
    to live is almost to not exist at all…

    (a translation is like a photograph of a real live scene)

  3. Thank you for the trans-photo, Pablo!

    I’d like to pick out my favorite line in this one,
    but there are so many to choose from.
    My contortion is motionless and,
    therefore naturally flexible.

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