Cruel sky

The words smell each other
leaning against the tempest
an odor of absurdity
as the world mechanism
smashes your
against the window of
a satanic sky –
oh cause and effect
or the inevitable
are we alone
in infinite shallowness
of thought?
the teeth of sky
grinding skulls
like mustard seeds
– a sigh –
the memory of light/anonymously.

Absurd Poetry

nooks within a routine

Mad poet

What collocation of beginnings
side by side in the sky
looking through window
at a fiery gas and ox flame
woven in lurid clouds,
the unit of beginning
3 seconds of origin
awoken in the mist –
then return to the tunnel
of thought, drug and routine
as a dark spiral without




Nihilistic Poetry Blog

discurso del método

Discurso del nihilista

Dudo todo.

Porque si el mundo cae sobre mis labios
como un trago de constelaciones amargas
debo preguntar,
¿ por qué en mi lengua de grávida somnolencia?

Que todo debe colapsar en vientre húmedo de sensación,
lo entiendo. Pero,
¿ por qué no se concentra el mundo en la punta
ardiente de un fosforo sediento?

Cae el mundo como gota de luz sobre las papilas
de mi ciego odio. Lo saboreo como un arcoíris de tiempo mudo.
¿ por qué se expande el mundo como pupila de asombro
en la prisma de mi silencio?

Que el mundo es el velo en donde se nubla el significado de las cosas,
lo comprendo. Pero,
¿ por qué queda este resabio de verdad en mi memoria
como si hubiera atrapado un instante de conocimiento?

Lo dudo todo.




Poesía Nihilista

an ode to whatever is represented

Dimensions glass

I was divagating in a fluidity of language
collecting in the subjective aroma of an objective pinpoint
a star deriving its presence by its undulating waste of light.

I contained the arching earth and the moon
pretended to shift through the clouds of a mind
like an unconscious mirror spinning.

The arrow of the sensation was pointed
towards a nectarous instant of sound
a long necklace of harmonies.

My hour is traveling through imaginary pleasing effects
the seconds are my mistresses in red corduroy –
the age – a vague perfume of disparate dimensions.





Nihilistic Poetry Blog

the horror

The letter h


Husk of Art
Hang the veins of wings
Hurry through the vast futilities
Help me
Hungry man
Heights and heroes
Home in the plateau of chaos
Human Ocean of Being
Happiness as the mistake of ages
He and she and the mirror of passion
Hairy monster of tiny desires
Haunted origin of cloud
Hopelessly entangled in the
Horrible symptoms of my



Nihilistic Poetry Blog