The lost dreams of a lost man…



Abandon, ever so vague

a name entirely unpronounceable

a thought, utterly worthless

      then a feeling without  face

 a touch without my skin

              I’m too old to restart this engine

I must move on, abandon

       what once was light now is shadow

           what was once purpose is now fiction

there is a pure moment

        (nothing else)

                no matter what I think

it’s not my call to make

               there is only a pure moment

(nothing else)

              I might pretend to stir this vessel

but it’s really not my doing

there is apparently something ancient

               something beyond measure

I don’t sense it, life is cold as cement

The waves are coming down on me

        I can only laugh

 sometimes I feel like expanding indefinitely

           but a cage made of ribs

keeps my insides in their place

The next step is here… it’s too late

     to look back.






Modern Poetry

3 thoughts on “The lost dreams of a lost man…

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  2. I like that painting, Pablo! Makes me think of
    gut wrenching and agonizing over something unknown.
    The poem has an intriguing aspect, the back and forth motion
    of wayward thoughts that touch and go, feel and release. Good job!

  3. Thanks Uncle, an ambivalence towards the pathos and bathos of life. Aren’t we just a beautiful fluke of nature… yet who can denied the profundity of it all?

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