against the world

Against the world

I’m at war
with the world
its shapeless thrust
its violent repose
against the world
a disfiguring cause
tingling morphing touch
a vengeance
a lone modicum of timelessness
fueled by: laughter
for all that exists
within and without
carried by an ant
on a sole journey of gust
rising lighter holier
this is war
against the irreconcilable meaning
against the backside of the world
against the frailty of a second
against the ineffable fringe
against the possibility
against the echoing madness
I’m all fury and decay
bringing down the world
from the heights of its




Nihilistic Poetry

tiny epoch

Street poetry

what was that?
the color of the wind
or the order of the lips,
my hand in contortion
touching the intangible surface
of fiction;
I left the building
the night pinching the street
like a hungry jaw
the naked trees
as real as
the limbs of insects,
I wanted to remain
on the sidewalk
like the dim casting glare
of the streetlamp,
in that minute
with all the beauty
of fact –

no longer possibility
but plain actuality,
a happy yellow leaf
in its autumnal decay
enduring its
tiny epoch
of death.



nihilistic poetry


Intento la navegación
en el zumo impalpable
de la realidad

enciendo el verso
en su humo abstracto

con manos de ciego
acaricio la boca llena
del empalagoso sabor
a recuerdo extinto

tengo una metáfora sucia
como lengua lamiendo
en círculos viciosos
sobre el clítoris de la sabiduría
(escucho ya el gemido transcendental)

el arte está borrando
el ámbito necesario
para lo impronunciable

he de desistir
dormir en la cama de vida
soñar con el tránsito de días
anónimos y subjetivos

desvestir mi biografía de fechas,
lugares y recuerdos,
dejarla triste como una nube vespertina
en su rumbo hacia el horizonte perdido

con los versos exponiendo
la materia incomprensible
del tiempo



Poesia Moderna