First goddamn poem of the year

drunk new years

I’m tired or writing
the new year
or what’s left
someone said last night
that the academic
of sociology and economics
was shifting
I didn’t know a thing
even after all the books
I read or bought.
All I have is a scotch
and the lazy poems
of an ex-german poet
that lived in Los Angeles
plus the
40% plus
that keeps me awake
through the long nights
of the wasted
– such a beautiful word-
the unneeded
of the drunk



 Madness is the

like the powerful sun

shining waste

over 40 blocks of metal


strings that form a braid

braids stitch  on us

thirsty loneliness

a mile machines

cannot reach


find me a gulp

of eternity, an inch

of Godhead

I’ll stop the soft drugs

coffee, sugar, TV

if you promise twenty

forty years ahead

I will encounter timelessness 


madness is the irrevocable

     a table

with all the books of genius

and a noose


to sleep!

where my wakeful hallucination

finds its soul mate: dreams


madness the


two hours before two

      more hours


 I shit and eat
and fathom the origins
    of the universe
tears come because I am
    trapped between
       amongst idiots
 reaping nothingness

I cry because

madness consumed

all intelligence and determination –

the endless parade of perception

       of one day

exchanged for 24 hours

60 minutes

seconds of oblivion


and eternity

that never kills but



madness is the


a hopeless trap

within the miracle

         of existence


Nihilistic Poetry