se entera
de la completa
nada que
significa todo

una mirada fortuita
algo desea
desde muy pequeña
esa mujer extraña
y yo no soy su respuesta

mira que existencia llena de ciclos
un pétalo deslizándose en ese
quieto instante

yo hambriento de respuestas
me fui a tomar unas copas
y el tránsito del tiempo
hizo puré de mi alma hervida

me fui a dormir.

of becoming

Becoming mist

The possession of my self
in the refraction lonely
something sees as I
the trembling skin
of bright tomato
and someone desires
to lay bare on its surface
light like reflection
of a lamp
the map of understanding
may be indifferent
to axis of human
nothing belongs to earth
and the real
on the dream
of matter.

Nihilistic Poetry Blog


Poetry of eyes

by the brook of your stare
I meet the sound
of your drowning,
alas’ so light and lasting
a word surfacing like sighs from your eyes
I make room and stand back
so you run into the invisible
curl of a mistake,
my child you’ve begotten
sadness and its truth
is more distance than those streaming
glares that leap from walls to illusions –
I recognize our mutual meaning
nowhere in this fog
the outline of solution
nor the source of our misery.

Nihilistic Poetry

ceder el acontecer

Mi mirada
puesta sobre el juego
de las sombras sin bordes
el auto zumbando entre el humo
los cabellos que no sé a quién pertenecen

algo se mueve aquí como instinto de aire
algo me digiere como si estuviera
saciando el apetito del tiempo,
algo tiene los pelos de punta
y yo soy su piel,
algo acontece
y yo cedo.

Poesía Nihilista



I’ve tried to kill myself
in many furies and ranges
to drown infinitesimally
in the tiniest contemplation
somewhere finding the courage
to disappear without justifying
the senseless life I’ve led;
I’ve searched for death, afraid still
of void and thunder,
my hand – sometimes –
caresses the skin, outline, source
of an object’s beauty,
trembling uncertain
of its reality.

Sanity is a gift.

I only have the
penance of existing
in the passivity of fated
annihilation, wording
the symbol of illusion,
and nothing more.