if there were

If there were something
to unify
I’d build a bridge
between partial reality
and the wholeness of nirvana;
had there been
something to rescue
I’d make an ark
from the planks of essence,
letting in, one by one, the species
of the invisible –
if there were something
with purpose
I’d carry it on my shoulders
till I could set it free
in a new meadow of illusion; –

if only there
were there something
other than me
around here.


Nihilistic Poetry Blog

I have the world

aarhus giant kid -


I have the world
like pulp
inside my fist.

The juice that drips
like concentrates
of dream.


I refuse to describe you.


World you are in my grasp,
but I refuse to recite your
casual contents.

I have eloped with silence,
my petty pet.



Nihilistic Poetry Blog

of illusion

Red eyes

Of the corn
that makes residence
in the wrapping shadow
of time along the bark
of a tree

in the proximity
of approximation
the figure of life
is guesswork

the natural ponds
of objects
resonate as if
driven by the longevity
of clouds

the hand
inventing surface
from the ghosts
of light and edge

in observation
the bread of process
dissipating like smoke
inside the throat
of ravenous eyes.

Poetry 2011

revolutions of the heart


I only dream
of filling the body with dry sand
to relegate desire to veins of darkness
flowing relentlessly towards a dragging sea –
if hands and fangs were buried in true illusion,
thirsty accidents and ultimate beginnings;
the taste of polar penumbras
to blind the eyes with totality
defoliate the skin as absurd autumns
to lay thought as a carpet over existence
and roll down the slopes of nothingness,
as the denuded birds throw off their wings
to join the worms wallowing in the mud
of my ancient heart.



Poetry 2011


Simulacrum Poem

the receptor
is fire in the body
smoking as the embers
unite with shadow
over the ultimate
          coat of illusion

the path of the worm
is a flight in the night
this season of suffering
when wisdom is
reaching out to the
         of the thinker

there’s only music
the ears are my feet
to dance is the fatalistic
         engine of love

the rock
of the sea.




more blah

Life Ad Infinitum

add to me ad infinitum
fasten echoes around my laughter
conduct time by its vulgar silhouette
return the black that eroded your eyes
oh my what an endless effect
          the cause of your choices
an observation racing the light,
is that the bloated noise I call meaning
by the leaves that crawl as outsiders
          on the even solitude of the street
add to me more becoming
while I endure mortality as an empty receptacle
that nests these parcels of private history –
these wobbly extensions of the void,
tucked away in those gaps
that condense life into blah.





nihilistic poetry

time’s the renegade

Time_Clouds_ Modern Poetry

The century skipped a beat
you, me and them
now dance in the criminal perplexity of death
I don’t want to state the obvious
but you are so obvious
my brain feels like the word: bacteria
almost an etcetera but never like a cafeteria
time hopped onto future’s back and left me back there
with the orphan past
I said, the century missed a beat
now we sleep listening to the lullaby of underwater winds
things broke
but chaos is a wonderful planetmaid
in the last days of last decade
I held my feet up high, pretending to be a bat
that could sleep and digest while clutching the sky
she loved to watch things grow – she was a true prophet
is it a sin father to make life a pillow and all events fiction
since the century ran over us without saying goodbye
can I sleep for the rest of this


nihilistic poetry

somewhere in the noise

there is a sound
that covers
less regions of
a frail ash
unique as the light
on a speck of illusion
it is the faithful motion
of a fingertip
softly caressing
like a pendulum
the lips of energy
intensely receptive
to every hair
brushing against the onrush
of time –
a pause
awaiting the decisive note
of a cycle
that starts here
and ends
in music.

(dedicated to Arvo Pärt)

21st Century Poetry


There is no place to start

     a beginning point

an igniting flame.

There is a Rorschach blot  

             a streaming dream of structure

a finite accomplishment; 

          surrounded by infinite reach. 

 If you start from this,

      then anything is possible.

My chest can suddenly burst open, 

       and twigs may grow.

Impossibility is an illusion.

              A repeated illustration

of what’s real;

         keeps infinity from shining forth.




Useless Poetry