a song in language


Here is language
standing in the world
like an obese piano

here are my lips
caressing chaotically
a plaintive arpeggio

a strung mass
of sea splatter
struck by mechanical

I sense freedom
in verbal form
that suckles the
shadow behind
vocal foam

here are the colors
aligned in black mountain
& white valley
here the world
trickles in echo

here is language
standing in the immense
like sculpted fluid

here are my lips
opening like rain
the bouquet of sound



Contemporary Poetry

nuance of sense


It was in 2013
when I started
dancing –
in the moral sense
of the word.

It was this
year when in
my hole, still
timeworn with despair
that I laughed –
in the philosophical
sense of the word.

It was under
a pale circle
in the sky
that I shouted:
‘more, more!’ –
in the maternal
sense of the word.

It was in
momentary empty
flight when I shot
over the aching nothing
to touch the inchoate
rim of creation –
in the real
sense of the word.



Contemporary Poetry

if there were

If there were something
to unify
I’d build a bridge
between partial reality
and the wholeness of nirvana;
had there been
something to rescue
I’d make an ark
from the planks of essence,
letting in, one by one, the species
of the invisible –
if there were something
with purpose
I’d carry it on my shoulders
till I could set it free
in a new meadow of illusion; –

if only there
were there something
other than me
around here.


Nihilistic Poetry Blog

signify if not the fear

Poetry blog

Poem of dew legs
towards the heavy
impulse of bottom breath
the eyes turn road to exile
laughing culmination of clouds

poem of bitter it
ourselves tapping one universe
adhered living blindness
the motion of emptiness
the physics higher and unbroken

poem of tide or meaning
wrestling rustle of weight
hands dancing communication
the voice of whole suffering fingers
back and forth in speeding wounds

poem of cigarettes
transformation the blurry face
a voice of fatal fury
the organ of trembling gray
to smoke the blue song

a chasm of notes
behind the thistle
of your victim



Poetry 2011

in the span of 20 minutes

Sufferer's cloud

The rain has made
senseless x’s on the pane
beyond it
the turbulent clouds
initiate the horror
and a short trance,
my madness

no symbol
is free

to speak of mundane
is now unacceptable

the world
useless as thing
but the most terrible

an opening in the clouds

on the ground
a yellow blindness
through eyes surrendering
I sense
blood fencing the sky

an egg
of impatient
globular substance

a sufferer’s music.

Nihilism Poetry


Sun poetry

a found a mystic’s cloud

strange stream surfacing
motion maneuvering mirthfully

a found the tree under the shadow
objects reposing, the light untouched

today was so short
a flicker

as a beautiful face
turning the corner
never to be seen again

empty sand
in my hand

but at least
these shoes of ache
brushed by
the mystic’s lake


Nihilistic Poetry

untitled (short poem)

The view
 from here
                is horrifying

I cannot

                   nothing to add
                   to worthless

          nothing to be saved

in all this death-bound


Nihilistic Poetry

a simple day

Shallow Life

why is not important
too listless to find a solution
thoughts my insomniacs
found today a sheltering slumber,
mystery persists –
but only as an unobtrusive undertone to the ordinary;
a tree was all I needed
to feel that something exists in its own right,
a puddle of trapped water enough
to convince me
that the world is not as deep as I imagined.



Nihilistic Poetry Blog