the world of men

World of men

I cannot wait
to be in your teeth
ripped apart
in black disguise
by your plotted fangs
and crushing grand schemes
I can’t wait
to be flotsam
that nobody finds
in your sea of control
rotten planks
sinking into an insignificant
quiet disappearance
I cannot wait
a minute longer
to be fake rice
in your fields of expansion
never becoming
more than a spot
of white nothingness
amidst your supreme
everything .



Nihilistic Poetry Blog

Confession of Horror


I am afraid of the world

I am terrified by its size

                   Its unpredictability

I fear its mouth

It’s going to swallow me whole


I am surrounded by a wasteland of panic

I am going to perish in agony



What can I do but wait


Survive the intense torture


This is rape!

The world is raping me to death


I am paranoid of the Chaos

                   I have no control…