Fields of Emptiness: The Battle of Salamis (480 BCE)

This is part of a new series of paintings under the heading:

Fields of Emptiness

Battle of Salamis Painting

Acrylic on canvas.
Size: 200cm/78.74in x 200cm/78.74in
Title: The Battle of Salamis 

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©2013 Pablo Saborío

Nihilistic Poetry Blog


From the phantom tables
and vanished walls
a cloud of light
and thunder of shadow
the foundation is lost .
I still glimpse an inkling of
cold geometry and
wooden truth;
but the glue of substance
drips like echoes of brevity. . .
I witness
and no longer



Absurd Poetry

Barely Objective — Acrylic painting

Barely objective, as I started to question the boundaries between ‘self’ and ‘other’ in my life.

The point of the painting goes beyond these reflections, it is just there, the colors, the lines, the shapes, the non-evident meaning.

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Once written on 8.13.09

A night becomes clouded
as we sometimes say
‘things happen’
abstractly, indifferently
that it is suddenly August
a veil of intellectualism
is lifted
a human face looks up
mine, yours, whatever
there are clouds, ideas, philosophies
up there
we look down, you, me, whatever
barren reality
wooden window frames
dusty desks, unsharpened pencils
feeble light, organic darkness
you see the dark
it doesn’t have a name
then there is real silence
scattered coins
uncharged cell phones
a sleeping wife
that it hits you, me, what you will
it is August 13th
what a feeling.

Nihilistic Poetry

Barely Abstract — Acrylic on Canvas

One more. Paint is thick and with deep furrows, not really appreciated here in this pic.

Barely Abstract, because who could really tell?

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