how beauty is just a stepping stone in the process of dying

twilight sky

twilight is glistering
over these rooftops –

always coming around
in the evening hours

bare in the natural sky

under a shadow
or behind a dream
the underside of silence
a fetus
in that momentary womb

phantasmagorias of blue
naked over the kingdom
of artifact

how is twilight
that reeks of eternity
a bird’s medium

and our casual joys
within walls.



nihilistic poetry


Absurd Poetry


have you seen
splash wide
into a cascade
on the urinal wall
running freely
down the slope
of its white surface
wildly awake
before entering
the oblivious hole,
how I envision
all my decisions
thrusting forward
like a jet of pee
smashing against
the white mural of life,
how they would collapse
and stain the blank episode
of time
and inevitably surrender
like a trickle
that is swallowed
by a whirlpool of death…





There by
Brown morning
Lorid feel
Gallop coal
Hi organ john
Feather good finger
My lung jubilates in bass
Long like the tower of gun
Linger year
Trembling young hunt
Kino deutsche
Hungry for eternal
My dandy father
The moon born like years of oops
Holy joke
Goodie smell
Casi casi
Exiting smoke
Towards the hole
Umbrella ill
Rear fear wonder
Jolly spell like mystery
In schedule
Swallowed and filled
Of portrait
So heart
Is speaking
In long jingles.


nothing exists

Seamos francos
dejemos las cosas claras
limitémonos a lo sencillo

veo en tu boca
un cine de lunas y tabús
mi lengua se arrodilla
sobre el colchón de tu labio
no pica, no muerde
deja un rastro imperceptible
como una serpiente que
viaja en arena dócil y negra;
dejo saliva como miel, secándose
en tus mejillas de cal –
me acerco a tus orejas rojas
y en voz húmeda te digo:

nada existe

te quedaste dormida
con una sonrisa de paz.



Poesía Nihilista

dreaming rock

dreaming rock poetry

No matter
what I write
this will never bear a name
all creation falls through
the empty sky
always falling
no hands here
to catch and retain
no matter what
my memory is always empty
it has no truth
no one is here
to witness anything
the mind is uninhabited
and uncharted
a rock fell asleep
and this is its dream.