how beauty is just a stepping stone in the process of dying

twilight sky

twilight is glistering
over these rooftops –

always coming around
in the evening hours

bare in the natural sky

under a shadow
or behind a dream
the underside of silence
a fetus
in that momentary womb

phantasmagorias of blue
naked over the kingdom
of artifact

how is twilight
that reeks of eternity
a bird’s medium

and our casual joys
within walls.



nihilistic poetry

a choice of illusion

why choose
sky as volatile
art form

nihilism or
the other side
of beauty

or dimension
as a monstrous step
forward into the

in unison
poetry and nature
blend as I stare
towards the

I chose
to be an insect
cradled in some
unspeakable obscurity

these are great steps
to take
and leaps of sense,
everything          to be
and           to       be           gone