in the fog

Inaccessible trees
stand in the fog
as the limits to my world,
a fog dense and metaphysical
trees alien as my cavernous thoughts
a few brave lifeless sticks emerge from the snow
the milky wind brushing
whitening them slowly
with the impassible oblivion
that has set in,
an ivory spell
led astray into this cold nook
of washed away eternity,
while I’m encapsulated
in the immobility
of this white extraneous soul
a pleasing despair
that is felt
after each
footstep in the ice.

Nihilistic Poetry

5 thoughts on “in the fog

  1. Besides re-reading Camus’ “Myth of Sisyphus”, I have another thought . . . Here’s one of my all-time favorite passages from a book entitled “God or Ichabod?” by C.D. Keyes (now way out of print):

    ” . . . in God’s death our reason for existing has also died and that we must therefore exist without a reason. Neither optimism nor pessimism makes sense anymore. . . . There is more than one type of nihilism. One type of nihilist is a cynic, and the other type is a poet. The cynic perform nihilistic type acts of varying degrees of violence like punching little holes in the sinking lifeboat. But the poet embraces the depths in order to create beauty.The cynic turns to violence because he cannot accept the annihilation or even speak about it. But the poet accepts the nude truth and turns it into a song. Instead of punching more holes in the boat, the poet already understands more of nihilism than his fellow passengers, and he turns his grief into our consolation . . . All sinking lifeboats need a poetic nihilist on board.They need someone who has thought drowning through and can still sing ravishing music. Courage comes from such music . . .”

  2. what a great passage, you can’t imagine how much I agree with that. I wish my close ones could read this and understand that I’m not a destroyer. I’m merely composing what I can with the rubble that’s been left around us. There really is music in darkness.

  3. Yes, well, in my opinion, “Music is your special friend, dance on fire as it intends, music is your only friend, unril the end, until the end, until the end.” — Jim Morrison


    “It is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that the worl and existence are eternally justified.” — Nietzsche

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