Streams of Consciousness (Contemporary Abstract Painting)

Starting a new series of paintings in 2013 titled “Streams of Consciousness”. Will be updating this post in the future as new paintings are finished.

Click images for higher resolution

Painting I, Acrylic on Canvas (120x90cm):


Painting II, acrylic on canvas (160x100cm):


Painting III, acrylic on canvas (150x100cm):


Painting IV, acrylic on canvas (160x100cm):


Painting V, acrylic on canvas (160x100cm):

Painting VI, acrylic on canvas:

Contemporary Art 2014 Paintings

Painting VII, acrylic on canvas ( 140×160 cm ):


Painting VIII, acrylic on canvas ( 60×120 cm ):


©2013-14 Pablo Saborío

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