or so I thought close to the streets of vienna


In all movement
mine – song symbol:
reality –
when the petals of the wind
become attached
to the tips of your fingers
or hitherto
forgotten expression to heaven
skin on bud of sun
nipple aroused –
in the movement
nude treeness
like eternity
undressing –
meaning must
cast a shadow
the ephemeral becoming
thick as the universe
really subjective
a passage
dot to object to volume
total names
the world lashing
to and fro
as a tail
from my pen
pressed hard
and swift
against a table in



One thought on “or so I thought close to the streets of vienna

  1. Your poetry is stunning. The poems gives me a feeling just by reading it without thinking of the words. Then you start wonder what was I just reading, and then you read again and starts reasoning about the world. This is great art.
    I to write poetry, but only in Danish so it’s great with some inspiration. I have recently started a blog, come visit it.

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