Sun poetry

a found a mystic’s cloud

strange stream surfacing
motion maneuvering mirthfully

a found the tree under the shadow
objects reposing, the light untouched

today was so short
a flicker

as a beautiful face
turning the corner
never to be seen again

empty sand
in my hand

but at least
these shoes of ache
brushed by
the mystic’s lake


Nihilistic Poetry

a simple day

Shallow Life

why is not important
too listless to find a solution
thoughts my insomniacs
found today a sheltering slumber,
mystery persists –
but only as an unobtrusive undertone to the ordinary;
a tree was all I needed
to feel that something exists in its own right,
a puddle of trapped water enough
to convince me
that the world is not as deep as I imagined.



Nihilistic Poetry Blog

Trapped in today


Since these are all eyes pouncing upon their own light

      since these words are still in the air we breathe

nobody has yet seen the cruelty of today

                 nobody has measured the necessity of crying

to be sick and living 

       asphyxiated with desires, unclothed by opinion

the taste is in my mouth:

      progress has vomited a sickly herd.