a new language


now that light
rather than words
is the vehicle
of reality

now that language
has ended
its journey

now that sunlight
is pregnant
with passage

I must forfeit
the concept
and be thick
with tears

life is not
but the stage
where things erupt

love is the eye
making love
to the light





signify if not the fear

Poetry blog

Poem of dew legs
towards the heavy
impulse of bottom breath
the eyes turn road to exile
laughing culmination of clouds

poem of bitter it
ourselves tapping one universe
adhered living blindness
the motion of emptiness
the physics higher and unbroken

poem of tide or meaning
wrestling rustle of weight
hands dancing communication
the voice of whole suffering fingers
back and forth in speeding wounds

poem of cigarettes
transformation the blurry face
a voice of fatal fury
the organ of trembling gray
to smoke the blue song

a chasm of notes
behind the thistle
of your victim



Poetry 2011