any wall


I am a man
that learnt
at an early age
that I cannot
hold in my hands
the entire world
like a little lovely thing.

I could have had that thought
anywhere in the world,
but it came to me
while I stand here against
a random wall in Berlin,
any wall.

I am a man
that not long ago
considered Thales
the first theoretician,
but fundamentally
wrong as I saw
everything behaving
as smoke.

After a while
things seem sad
fading like a cloud
the world is like a ghost covered in mud
and all our words are pointing at it
like guns
and we’re watching
for the ethereal blood.



Contemporary Poetry

intonations of the bizarre



the cliff of a perfume
without warning
shattering my glass of mindlessness
awake at a bridge

caterpillar of eyes in a crowd
dragging the body of time to nowhere

the grass grows like punks from the cathedral

the tattoo was arrested
from the cadence of her breasts

the oblique sunlight was lighting up
his face like a field of camels
a wealth of lifelong wayfaring

the extinct tribes are hidden in Berlin
where a sprinkle of immesurabilitttty
is part of any local


town drunk

Artist beer drinking

It feels good
not being an artist
no language to impress
philosophical thoughts on cheese
a bit guilty of the next beer
depleting bank account

it feels good
to walk on snow
so crisp and pure
drinking the next beer
getting drunk
and all the rest

it feels good
to see the snow
my cold breath
dunking beers
and all the rest

if feels good
to have left Berlin
now just a town drunk
not even a





Photography: a view of Pergamon Museum Berlin, Germany

Impressive, monumental, Pergamonmuseum or Pergamon Museum, in Berlin has one of the finest colossal “debris” from the ancient civilizations of Greece, Assyria, Babylonia, and the Mesopotamian cultures.

Here’s a photographic visit to this famous museum.

Pergamon  or Pergamum Altar:

Miletus Market Gate

Babylonian Ishtar Gate and Hallway

Assyrian Gate Keeper and Wall Relief

The Return of the Gods (mostly Greek Mythology with the exception of Habad the Weather God)

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