an experience

That I must use language
to describe an unusual event
which was anything but words
makes my task already
but I will communicate
the strange braid of emotion, perception and thought
that made that moment possible
as I was standing
at the end of a sidewalk
a piece of, what it seemed like,
a poster
was stuck to the ground
and an outreaching extremity
hanged over the miniature precipice
between the sidewalk and the gutter
this limb of paper
this appendix of matter
fluttered in the wind
and I felt as if standing above
a slice of eternal existence
flapping under my very feet
a small, oblique, strand of whatever
moving in sequences
that would make
me believe


nihilistic poetry

3 thoughts on “an experience

  1. I really hope the word hanged instead of hung was a lovely subtlety and not a simple mistake.
    This is a good piece.

  2. Thanks!

    Benny: I wrote it in less than a minute after coming home that night, a bit tipsy. So, mistake or subtlety, I am not the one to judge anymore. Can’t even remember the exact circumstances of my choice of words there. But you do bring out a good point and my fondness for the absurd would incline me to choose hanged as an execution there, over the miniature precipice. Even if it could have been a (playful) mistake when originally written.

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