I must be mad

View of Sky Poetry

Everything you do
begins with a silence

you can traverse
the distances
that keep you away
from the divine
but you look back
and the starting point
is blurred
I have been pilgrimage
traveled far,
in relation to what?

all is opinion
the poet is a collector
of fragments
the pieces of modernity
scattered mercilessly
over the ruins of decay

the theory emerges
the broken data
a human heart
halfway down the
I threw to infinity

an attempt to coexist
with the rational
and the irrational

landscapes of words
not yet

I give you the stars
for the constellations
you’ll hang
over the lake
of your



nihilistic poetry

4 thoughts on “I must be mad

  1. on average, the human
    heart discards point
    two megabytes of broken
    data per second, leaving
    a distinct taste of loss
    in the air for sixteen
    seconds just right after –
    and should a lucky poet
    be passing by, packing
    a pair of powder-
    free latex gloves and
    the finest tweezers, he
    or she may gingerly
    pinch the fallen
    fragments, take them
    home to rinse and
    hang-dry for a week,
    before refashioning
    them into something
    useful to a beating
    heart again

  2. its none of my business but have you ever been in love. Because iam in love –in love with your words. why not visit stockholm and share me your great knowlege of words. welcome to Sweden. Ok

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