I was born Dionisio Palacios

Poetry of Sin
I was born Dionisio Palacios
in the poverty
of my hands
I wished I had
the sky heavy with light
as a noon of sweet fruit
I could taste the earth

I lived in Rua Moderna
between two worlds
that made me feel
like a schism
separating the two

I worked with letters
languages whose words
could evoke
daybreaks in my
blinding madness

I was sentenced to death
and hanged
for the murder of an ideal
an abstract sin
the abomination of believing
         that nothing exists

   but the whisper of the stars. . .



One thought on “I was born Dionisio Palacios

  1. hm…this rings familiar bells in my life. No one would k now, but it’s a part of my life. Thanks for sharing in such vivid words.

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