I, the dream of a god,

      an outcome of invisible hands

            at once performance and spectator

this precise instant

         this internal precipice

a newfound religion

      whose scriptures are written 

              in every one thing

where the god and the dream are the same

                  the cloud and the rock are inseparable

the sweet motion of transience

        coursing over the stream of eternal action

I, alone and united,

               one more spoke of divinity 

                  one more billow of infinity.





More Useless Poetry ?

6 thoughts on “Newfound

  1. do love the way you began this piece…..for would interpret it as even a divinity needing a sense of self….but it is a “dream” because divinity runs through all creation, and so is never truly alone.

    and the finish speaks of growth….

    i would agree, but the conclusion seems too convenient… were searching for answers, and then fell upon the general consensus. makes me think of a discussion was having with a friend this last week….of how any supreme deity, by it’s very nature, would be alone. and to truly be alone, is my own interpretation of the reality of hell. and so no wonder the god “I am” is such a grumpy and vengeful god…..

    and then one has to ask what kind of a people would sentence their divinity to a type of eternal damnation? and even in the mythology of Greece, the gods were more fallible and got bored with themselves, only to venture onto the lower planes.

    so i like the idea of creation itself being an accompaniment to creator….but i would disagree about the lack of boundaries. for that then invalidates man’s own sense of self.

    very thought-provoking and excellent write

  2. Thanks Eileen. I am grateful that a piece I wrote within a deep intoxication with life would breed powerful thoughts about divinity itself.

    I abandoned Christianity in my teenage years and since then have been studying the various religions of the world. I still admire Christianity in many ways but I felt instantly allured to Eastern spirituality and I can only say that I had it in view when I wrote this. But no objective message of course, every reader has his view on this.

    On the subject of God, I started seeing IT in a more pantheistic light. There is no World and God, nor Self and Other, dualitiy, it is all of the same substance/energy/being … you, me, god, we are all it, for eternity and eternity, we are all that ever was and all that will ever be. Sometimes appearing as Eileen, sometimes as Pablo, sometimes as Greek, sometimes as.. the future will tell.

    The grand cosmic play, Lila, as the Hindus would call it. An universal stage where we are all actos and spectators at the same time. We are the world viewing itself, god playing with itself. But I am only one mortal of billions, what could I know?

    While those thoughts were in the foreground of my mind, I walked out one day in Berlin and a big storm was on its way. I felt part and parcel of it all… thus Newfound.

  3. why i don’t study eastern philosophy…..need for balance. the belief in order…..

    we were speaking of essays, and did write a poem that fell into an essay, exploring the very nature of what we perceive to be OPPOSITES. how we use that to frame our very lives….when there is no such thing. black is not opposite to white….it is different. because we are on the inside….looking at reflection of light and calling them colors. it’s our perception that has decided right is opposite to wrong. but have explored it myself, and decided that forgiveness is the balance to wrong. but then wrong is not the balance to forgiveness. it’s like math…..where you cannot invert the properties.

    and so yin yang is false….it’s more like yingitty yang yang….*smiles* we don’t march in a circle….everything in our current world is geared to make us perceive that. today it is almost noon….and yesterday at this same time, it was almost noon. so am i going in a circle? no….the reality is linear…..but people are afraid that they don’t know what the next moment will bring. they want to know that tomorrow it is going to be noon again.

    i understand the concept of “god playing with himself”….and would only disagree, in that it holds a circular notion of existence, where there is no objective or goal for said deity, and the soul purpose of life is self-entertainment. now that’s valid…..”we are players but that strut our time upon the stage.” but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for hope or mystery.

    see…..what we often perceive as “god” is simply a reflection of our own selves in exterior form. so if you are seeing all as a part of you, or vice verse….that you and i are not diverse creatures, but parts of one….then that one is alone. and thereby lives in hell, explaining why everyone is always so miserable. or to be more exact…..never content, which leads one to strive or die.

    but if we ARE different….all working along different paths with different tomorrows…..then life is about exploration…..not playing with what we already comprehend or understand. translation: instead of staring at our feet as we walk in a circle….we are looking up while walking a path, noting the sun peeking through pines…breathing what it means to be free.

    feel like i’ve gone off on ten thousand tangents here…..mainly, would say that you have a brain, and know how to think. do NOT swallow others ideas of what is or is not your reality. BE the explorer…..make your own maps. do not study in the hopes to follow…..or with the hopes to find something worthy to follow. one single debatable notion from your own head, is worth more than a thousand perfectly configured realities….that may or may not match up like the best of all jig saw puzzles. but that is not your picture….it is someone else’s. of course, if you believe we are all from the same entity….then it is yours. and in that, think you have stumbled on the true definition of chaos.

    for myself….don’t care how perfectly some theological notion fits other lives…..heck, i worked an argument that refuted Buddha….because that person might have the answers for them, but doesn’t mean they have the answers for you or me. maybe their biggest worry for the day was whether to eat their meal hot or cold….

    everybody’s reality is separate and different….thereby requiring a different answer to their own understanding of “what is significant.” we use language, and other forms of communication… verify that we are the same, that there are common threads. but that can be another circular journey….a spiral inward. where you are feeling you are getting closer and closer to your goal….being “one with the universe.” but in reality….you are limiting exponentially downward your options to explore your own world and see it through your own eyes. in other words….take in the data….note others…..but come to your own conclusions.

    and that is why i limit my studies…..i don’t want to know what others have mapped. because mine, gosh darn it, is as good as any…..*smiles*

    dang….a lot of serious talk. you are on some right tracks from what i see….it just worries me that there is not a lot of hope, and like are fighting for that right to be happy. the deep thought is good….don’t let it bury you. (sorry for the “mothering instinct” but that is my curse.) and age loves to play at being superior. yes, you are one of billions. for whatever we write, chances are it has been written before in one form or another. but that doesn’t mean we stop writing. enjoying a rainstorm is good….because it’s those moments that hold us to who we are.

    and forgive me if i get a little preachy…..part of my reality is believing “i know it ALL”… (was raised with the omnipotent god, and he gets a little over-bearing)….plus, remember i’m nuts. definitely not a path to follow….. :) but consider us waving to each other from different crossroads…..

  4. You’ve certainly covered a lot of ground there. I have two inputs.

    First, it is important to understand that unlike Western philosophies, Eastern philosophies are experiential and not abstract. They are not debated with arguments, but with experiences. A Zen master will not ask you to read a book but to sit and meditate without a single thought in your mind. If you ask a monk what is enlightenment he would probably smash a mosquito in front of him and turn around.

    Once a monk asked Tung-shan, “What is the Buddha (or enlightenment)?’ Tung-shan replied, Three pounds of flax

    If a Zen master is going to give you something to think about it will be a Koan, a complete absurdity ;) — a paradoxical riddle that has no answer so as to take you to the limits of verbal discourse and discover reality in yourself and not in words or teachings.

    Such as: What was your first thought before you were born?

    Secondly, I think the experience that we are selves, indepedent egos against the background of a not-me reality, makes the world worst and not better. Having so many ego-maniacs out there tears up the world. We see differences and not unities. Because, as one famously said, we don’t come *into* this world, we come *out* it. We are like leaves of a tree and not birds that landed from some other place unto a strange old tree.

    So, what is the purpose of life or the universe?

    I would definitely say it is not in words. It is like a piece of music… to be experienced, not to be solved.

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