Barely Geometrical

So, I’ve been trying out various styles and tecniques these past few months.

The vague idea behind all the recent paintings is ‘barely art’. A self-deprecating allusion to the artwork.

Here’s the latest, more abstract, inspired by a sentence or two of an essay of Aldous Huxley I was reading.


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6 thoughts on “Barely Geometrical

  1. Hi Pablo !!!
    thank you for have droped by …
    this is a good painting !! i liked the way you made the colors get in perfect balance and harmony .
    you wrote that for the last months you have experimented many styles …
    this is very good , soon you will forget it all and your own style will appear . don’t even worry about . and to say “barely art” is for me a very noble atitude .
    i liked your blog , the things you write , my spanish isn’t very good , but as i am fron Brasil i can understend very well when and to read it all .
    once again thanks for have visited my blog .
    see you !!!

  2. Hi Caio, thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks for your compliments. I will keep working hard in painting. I want to try all the styles there have been, so I can slowly discover what I like of each and create my own. For now, Art is a journey not a goal. I enjoy the traveling, not the destination.

    See you around too!

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