numbers and illusions

The desert
the streets are made of sand
crumbling tombs, atoms
they are disintegrating
sidewalks and numbers
bleached, ambiguous
some street signs
echoes and hallucinations
this urban hell

streets turn into cities
cities into graves
graves into civilizations
worlds into multiple voids
this is not philosophy
but it tastes like it 

I, you, us
in a substance
quite unknown
still unidentified
that is the illusion of knowledge
secrets and denials
to become confessions
of the upcoming third millennia 

when you are the tip
no longer the base
you fall
fall you disappear
in quiet intangible

Awake or not
wave upon wave
silence within silence
void delivering avoidance
what is the word
for the miracles

that keep us alive. 



One thought on “numbers and illusions

  1. Gracias por tu comentario, Pablo. Estoy de acuerdo contigo en lo que dijiste que hay belleza en incoherencia, en desorden que salta a la vista, pero lo sospecho que es parte de un diseno mas grande.

    Your second and third stanzas are shining literally, those word combinations are mystifying and well placed together. As a whole, I like this piece.

    Sometimes I smile at the prospect that there’s always something amazing that awaits everytime I visit a new blogger’s site. Keep it up!

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