I hear the world

I hear the world - Poem by Pablo Saborio

I hear
the world celebrate
another hour
another drop of time
another innocent tick of the clock
their voices unite in aggressive shapes
of extreme joy
another noon
another fulcrum
their austere clasped hands
held high in new directions
upon a crescent
rising towards a vanishing point
another compound
another openness
sirens wail in the open street
the cavalry proceeds in metal consonant
another descent of the moon
another compendium of light and shadow
I hear the world
positively amidst the churning voids
proceeding full of gaiety and culture
another pyramid
another stretch
I hear them
almost transcending the bronze
of the horizon
another century
another column toward infinite
their bones are statues with slanting
I hear the world
celebrate the happiness of the arc
another navel
another marble testament
a world without king
I hear the wind intersect
the hollow texture of the dream
I hear them
unified in tempo
against nothing at all.

Nihilistic Poetry

against the world

Against the world

I’m at war
with the world
its shapeless thrust
its violent repose
against the world
a disfiguring cause
tingling morphing touch
a vengeance
a lone modicum of timelessness
fueled by: laughter
for all that exists
within and without
carried by an ant
on a sole journey of gust
rising lighter holier
this is war
against the irreconcilable meaning
against the backside of the world
against the frailty of a second
against the ineffable fringe
against the possibility
against the echoing madness
I’m all fury and decay
bringing down the world
from the heights of its




Nihilistic Poetry

now that the earth

Now that the entire world
has retreated to a thaw
now that from a rooftop
I see a raw galaxy dangling
from the beak of a bird
now that the earth
is a great rippling mantle
like a set of loose hair in a golden head
now that the entire world
as soft and pliable as moist leaf of tobacco
now that the planet is flotsam
drifting in the viscous current of sensation

we can sleep
in its academy of colors
we immerse our heads
in the surrounding cradling

Nihilistic Poetry

empty shadow

empty form poem


I saw a yellow house
a pillow
and a mother
that would not explain

the wind carried
the stars
like debris
my tongue’s tip
did not catch any

how the sadness
clings onto
the rustle of a leaf

I could describe
with lines and perspectives
the memory that
brought me here

beyond that memory
empty flashes of shadows
and hungry panthers of light

I saw

my hand
touch the world
like a
a dance.




Nihilistic Poetry

I have the world

aarhus giant kid -


I have the world
like pulp
inside my fist.

The juice that drips
like concentrates
of dream.


I refuse to describe you.


World you are in my grasp,
but I refuse to recite your
casual contents.

I have eloped with silence,
my petty pet.



Nihilistic Poetry Blog

in the span of 20 minutes

Sufferer's cloud

The rain has made
senseless x’s on the pane
beyond it
the turbulent clouds
initiate the horror
and a short trance,
my madness

no symbol
is free

to speak of mundane
is now unacceptable

the world
useless as thing
but the most terrible

an opening in the clouds

on the ground
a yellow blindness
through eyes surrendering
I sense
blood fencing the sky

an egg
of impatient
globular substance

a sufferer’s music.

Nihilism Poetry

there will be poetry

There will be poetry
as long as the world
swirls in mad convulsion

there will be poetry
as long as the world
is hidden truth with
dreary eyes

there will be poetry
as long as the world
is a road to the dead

there will be poetry
as long as the world
covers us with the cold
skin of bitter mystery

there will be poetry
at 5am with glass o’
whiskey till the horizon
blends in with the empty sleep.



More Poems

world and nothingness

I once knew
a thing
the world,
it used to follow me
as intimately
as my shadow,
it would never
leave my side.

It would stand
tall and intimidating
behind my back,
often murmuring
its evil plans.

I gathered the nerve
one day
to look back at it,
in a quick swoosh
I turned with a

the poor thing
ran away in fright
leaving behind
a dizzying

That was the day
I got rid of the world,
only to find nothingness
quickly picking up
my trail.
I can hear it gorging
the vast prairies of infinitude
that were left exposed
after the bulky world
was cut away.

No need to run.
For you see,
in this state of freedom,
here is there
there is here.

As for nothingness,
I can’t wait
to kick its
universal ass.


nihilistic poetry

The fallacy of existing

Existence Poetry

something set me         loose

abrupt and cryptic

sailing in a       medium

that infuriates me

                   headway headway

progress is like a precipice

i knew about the          rocks

long before my pessimism

took over

corroding the oars

                        my bores

counted like stars

yawning as naturally as breathing

boat body bodhisattva

drowning in the air

sinking in the blood

world   me                        (mindless)            me          world

nothing is so big and cavernous

so         ingrained

in occult emptiness

within the rising steam

of hot silence

            the anchor

the destiny

simultaneously my hunger

the greasy milk of the sea

fattening the grand course of solitude

scraping against the seabed

slowing the haste

            the waste

a motion brave and stupid

pushing me like a vessel

of filament

            farther              further             away

from the goal of existence:







Existential Poems

old reverberations

Sunrise Airplane

my task is very


the battle for
is over

I’m resting my head on phenomena
like on the exposed
breast of my lover

open eyes

allowing the world
to play with itself

I move cloudlike
I think rocklike

keeping record of things
for this lost history of the soul


Modern Poetry