there will be poetry

There will be poetry
as long as the world
swirls in mad convulsion

there will be poetry
as long as the world
is hidden truth with
dreary eyes

there will be poetry
as long as the world
is a road to the dead

there will be poetry
as long as the world
covers us with the cold
skin of bitter mystery

there will be poetry
at 5am with glass o’
whiskey till the horizon
blends in with the empty sleep.



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29 thoughts on “there will be poetry

  1. Oh, my Gosh. I absolute love this piece. You have the gift of imagery and I’m glad your sharing it with the world. Keep it up :) <3 Shelbie M Moore: Author and Poet

  2. thisis really good, although you probably know that already. I am a big of drunken poetry …given that a majority of my poems have been written in a semi-conscious state. very well done.

  3. I love poetry and above lines attracts me,
    that makes me to write the following poem.


    If we think that
    we have no God
    we have no self
    we have no sense
    we have no existence.

    If we think that
    we are not we
    we are just pebbles
    that mother earth contains
    like everything upon
    her geo-centre, soil and water.

    If we think that
    life cannot breath,
    our stage is only the crust
    common for changes offered
    to erosion or to formation.
    Light has no VIBGYOR
    while passing through prism.

    What will then happen,
    if mother earth consumes everything
    that, she thinks, to be waste
    inside or outside of her crust?
    And thus she feeds herself.
    To accommodate all her natural cut-offs,
    mother earth likes to offer
    tear and fire syndrome to herself.
    She is founder of her environment
    and she neither decreases or increases
    her shape and her understanding.

    Only we try to feel the qualms she gives us
    not in abundance but in distress.

    -Asim Kumar Paul

  4. I think this poem has some good ideas in it, but the language is very vague. I find it hard to really know what the speaker is going for. Phrases such as “as long as the world swirls in mad convulsion,” “hidden truth with dreary eyes,” “as long as the world is a road to the dead silence,” etc. can really confuse a reader. These words might sound cool together, but more attention should be paid to what message you are delivering to your reader. These phrases, as are, really can only interpreted sensibly by the writer. I think when sharing on a public forum, you should consider if your poem is something that foreign eyes and read and get some “thing” from it.

    My suggestion would be to try and write a poem that has very specific language. Use strong sensual detail and come up with diction to match. There’s an old adage that goes “Show don’t tell.” I think it rings particularly true in such poems. Don’t tell your reader how to feel or how to think, show them something that will make them want to feel or think in the desired way.

    Keep it up.

  5. By the way, if you’d like to see what I mean, visit my blog: http://www.thenightly There are some poems up there that you might like. I don’t think there are any nihilistic poems that I can remember, but I will try to get something of that category up there.

  6. Think poetry can hint at things without stating them blatantly. It requires work and imagination from the reader. Some ambiguity also allows several interpretations of a single piece. There is no universal understanding of anything, much less in poetry and the arts; that’s my nihilistic posture. Still, there were thoughts behind this piece and I am glad to share them with you.

    Swirls in mad convulsion = a world of blind action, free falling towards death and destruction

    Hidden truth = the world hides a truth so monstrous that would break most of us down

    Dead silence = the world is the vehicle we travel to reach the source of creation which I have called dead silence, a place where thoughts no longer take place and being is self-contained.

    Cold skin of mystery = the world is mysterious and it is wrapped around us… such as a skin of bitter mystery.

    The last stanza is quite straight-forward.

  7. What a simple idea.. that there will always be poetry. I’d love for you to check out my blog. Writing a poem every single day for a year!


  8. Wo.. w that was amazing. :) I had always wished I could write a bit abstractly, but I guess it’s not my type – in writing or reading, and yeah, you’re right, understanding is relative and understanding isn’t universal. It just keeps changing, varying from mind to mind, person to person.
    I have a quote from E.B. White to share here:
    “A poet dares be just so clear and no clearer…. He unzips the veil from beauty, but does not remove it. A poet utterly clear is a trifle glaring.” ~E.B. White
    Though I had some issues with half of this quote since my poetry was told to be pretty conclusive and explanatory. :) But that’s just me. My poetry is at–poems-of-a-soul-searcher.html though my blog here is a journal and I’m new here. :)

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