the origin of birth



If you tell a kid
that can’t remember being born,
you were born of your mother,
from your father’s seed
you come from a line of lovers
that started way back
before the instrument of love
when there was only form
forming flux and
the structure of diamonds
everywhere protruding
from the mystery
of dark pulsation.




Contemporary Poetry

they’ll know what to do



my voice
a big blot or blob or block of black
is stuck
like a burning whisper

in my throat
the rust
leaves a bitter
in the melody
of the silence

and sleep
the narrative of time
like magic
in the empty fire
of death

dust with
like the echoes
in a dream

Contemporary Poetry

A man walks into the store


A man walks into the store and buys a pack of smokes.
You see him leave and get into his car. Drives home and smokes one.

You’ll never see the man ever again. That’s how it goes.

But the next day you realize;

He was a man that once had a cat.

He had a theory about the universe,

and a tear that sat like an effigy
in the cubicle of his sad brown eye.

Contemporary Poetry

sui generis

A portrait of nothingness –

the tininess in between the worlds

the invisible underlying cup

a blank canvas for the painted universe

absent undisturbed gulf

the sleep that dreams me

                  while I play hardball

                        with the junkies of pursuits.


Nihilistic Poetry

mythological dilettante

Whiteness poetry

To lay hands on the molecule
to cut the strip that separates
     life from rock
to circumspect the unfathomable
     poems breeding in test-tubes
the height makes nauseous aftertaste
to be human is an old prank 
     played by the algorithmic TV
sidewalks my city veins
to be headway but no meaning
soon to be becomes
mind the vessel of heaven



Modern Poetry