they’ll know what to do



my voice
a big blot or blob or block of black
is stuck
like a burning whisper

in my throat
the rust
leaves a bitter
in the melody
of the silence

and sleep
the narrative of time
like magic
in the empty fire
of death

dust with
like the echoes
in a dream

Contemporary Poetry

we need to talk

anti poetry

I don’t love you, poetry.
I’m filing for divorce,
don’t know what happened
we met on the streets
I could not resist her
and now I cannot come back
to you.
Her name? does it even matter?
Oh she’s commonplace, boring
in fact. But she’s straightforward,
ubiquitous, and superficial.
It’s plain reality, chewing gum,
being hungover, to laugh.
It’s paying for bus ticket,
putting on socks, turning
in bed. It’s blinking, jerking
off, bruising a finger, the
smell of burnt toast.
I’m sorry, poetry.
I loved you once,
but today I have
bad breath, indigestion
and a disheveled beard.
I just need to read about
bombs, dollar vs euro,
I need to google:
3-day weather forecast.
It’s going to be alright,
life goes on, we’ll look
back on all our bliss
with a dry smile.
Let’s not make it any harder,
I gotta go out and
buy some cheap wine,
be alone, yeah
be alone.




the poet


The poet does not stand
atop of creation,
the world’s veins
drip their silent desire
over the poet’s thoughts.
The poet struggles,
upstream the imaginary,
irremediably crushed by emotion
that has the absurd behavior
of a happy ant.
The poet does not hold reality
but rehearses the repetition
of genesis and the dangerous
length of decay.
A recluse whose language
is tired of the simpler flowers.
The poet knows why
cannot be unearthed from his tongue.
Two or three words
have the function of
weightless evenings.
There is some truth
in the smells that drove
him to mindless ecstasy.
There must be falsehood
when he attempts to season
the Silence with adjectives.
The poet recalls
feelings as the leaves
of the tree of life.
The poet hums
on the road to another delusion;
and uncertain of the meaning
of anything, smiles at the stones
that he dreams under his feet.




Absurd Poetry


Empty Buddha

Spit it out
Cough up the phlegm of phenomena
The chunks of feeling caught between your teeth
The stench of memories
The bleeding gums that dawn, love and despair have corroded
Hurl the amalgam of sensation that never concentrates into meaning
Release a belch from the oozing pit of pain
Drool a tiny string of age
Sneeze a jazz sound, a Pollock suspended in air
Spurt out onto napkins the vaulted skies
Sweat the burnt clay of slow and gentle hour
Let it out in trickles or exhalations the muddle and the smoke
Be done hurry become empty
Be empty before the fat feeds the fire
Before the bone becomes abysmal
Be empty – hurry



Absurd Poetry

from the urinal

pee poem

I’m a starry sky
staring down a urinal
yellow piss
but isn’t it cute enough
to be a golden stream of light?
I have a nose, mirror!
it’s sticking out my fucking face
I’m ruined
the candle is going out
and there is so much more drink
to saturate the clouds of my eyes
I’m at a part
ending this exercise
of absolution
chirp, chirp
a tongue on the roofs,
I have a fantasy
you see,
wet, damp like the grass
or the epiphany of flight
my lungs are tired
a mouthful of beer
to exist
and in some room,
to sleep.

Absurd (Drunken) Poetry