through artery


To peek within,
through artery,
like spying through
a window into a room
with two armchairs
and a book of chemistry.

To capture within
the vaulted length,
the sinuosity of entrails
like a mountain range
that forces trees up toward the sky
with perched birds inside them
looking down toward the earth
for the head of a worm.

To glance within
through dilated ache,
while standing outside a café
in front of a mob that clothe
with invisible meaning
the earth and pretend its
burning bone will survive
the excitement of light
as crystal memory
in the pockets of their hearts.

To visualize within,
through hot telescope,
the distance of our truths,
like studying the clusters
of emptiness inside
an amoeba of hope.

To see within,
through the gate of the mouth,
a deeper hole that is glutted with silence,
like a threshold that opens up
not to soul
but to something even more



Contemporary Poetry

lessons in finesse

Taking a dump

A standstill collapse
     locked door

sneaking a peek
to glimpse the rotting fuel
tunneling down a pipe
these anchoritic pieces
of me
falling into the orgy
   classless waste
— a humming noise
coming from the wall

           the thought
that you’ll never leave
this toilet alive

why should i?

this could be my last

my masterpiece of unpremeditated

the revelation of the kingdom
of heaven
precisely when my
fat butt cheeks
begin to contract
 for the final
(into the consciousness
of process and

jesus lord the fetidness
the work of
cleaning the gorge

my hands
 gosh my hands
have mastered the crevice


i stand, faucet, dry

the world

return to the busy society
as another impeccable
glamour divinity
of the


Modern Poetry