granite sleep

Wholeness Sleep


unable to wake

I remained

behind the ruin of a memory


a Chinese serpent

swerving in the currents

of my dormant eyelids


nothingness was a province

where an obsidian pyramid

stood against a starless night


there in bed

roving like a raving raven

within the

delicate depths of darkness


surrounded by

a deep moat –

the dark waters

of space

swallowing any ray of light

that may cross over

to my dispossessed eyes



existing alone

light as perishable infancy;

heavy as a bridge above years


a statue

untying itself

from its surface

of imitation


so I squandered the imported

bullion of dreams

and with quivering fascination

became empty and

of image


unable to wake

I surrendered


a history

written on the soft

tissue of the spirit –

never to be









Nihilistic Poetry


mysterium tremendum et fascinosum

mysterium tremendum et fascinosum

I have chosen an exit
my finger is already in the sky
drawing up the clouds
they are dead with time
my music is blood running wild
I transient leap back and forth
the speed of pregnant vision
why is now a candied sound in my mouth
dissolving as a tongue of vapor
I laughed and cried
the tears come from above
they will plunge hard into the soil
                                                of my mad domain.

Nihilistic Poetry