regions of a soul

Areas of a Soul

the distance
of things from my center
together with the dripping self

language rests as a drop
on a fatal slope
or a sound in frozen space

I have hands
but they never touch

I have thoughts
but they never refer
to anything

and while I feel like cancer
growing on the insides
of my own soul;

I have bled beauty
like a suicide of god

there are areas of life
inaccessible and foreign
my flesh is ghostly
my feelings barely perceived

I am like a spark
engulfed in its luminosity
and everything beyond it
staggering darkness

in that incomprehensibility
I move and dying.



Wordless chaos

How is incoherence

        a name

for actual – wordlessness


lack of coherence

there cannot be five consecutive sentences with meaning


memory and chaos


the world

   is burning

language is boiling

 the air

in which we speak

      is tired

of another