Pose for me



Take off your clothes.
Peel off every last layer.
Squat, further down.
Place your left arm over your left knee. There.
Bend your upper body to the right. Just there.
Right foot a tad over to the right. Lean forward
the other arm straight down touching
the coldness of the earth. Don’t look
at me, look down as if something
great and heavy was pushing you down
restraining your mobility, locking you
with the awkward chain of the body itself.
Untighten your abdomen. Relax the brow,
look defiant as if you’ve been angry
for years, but tired and nearing hopelessness,
like an irrational animal that’s exhausted
from growling in its cage.
There, let your member hang. Let the
pain of the bones and joints led
to convulsions, feel the crush and the pendulum.
Begin to accept this position as your end,
as your skin’s predestination.
There, that’s it. It will be over soon.
I almost got it.

It will be over …. soon.


Contemporary Poetry

the currency of uncertainty

copenhagen stock exchange sky

I have one penny of certainty,
to buy a glimpse of sky.
Then hunger and reckless
vortex of night.

Mankind is as sweet
as a machine’s ambition.
I am the bitter cog.

But allow something like a flower
to grow from this
stump of philosophy.
A fragrance or hope,
a whiff of purpose.

To suffer is a fortune,
and pleasure a Pyrrhic victory.

When I lay paint
on the canvas, I press
hard all the colors
towards a grey pact.

There was once
bright red love,
cold blue thought,
intense yellow joy,
dark green solitude.

Today the mess
is grey and this totality
cannot be undone.

I carry this enterprise
of chaos towards a prism;
perhaps if reflected
far beyond the senses,
this senselessness,
will make sense.



Nihilistic Poetry