Roca en la voz.

Anterior al bello
la mano de él,
colocho de ruido
rasando la alfombra
con el motor
abarcando ímpetu
pero sin destino

Una necesidad
de tener llaves
para puertas oscuras
que abren al abierto,
horas enteras
abriéndose a tardes,
a noches, a cosmología;

El espejo
ante la desnudez
del bosque, el eco
del animal que muere
bajo la eternidad
de una roca

Daba boca a la sal,
saber la sangre
hablar lo helado

Un elogio a la amargura
que ha brotado sopa
de fruta, azúcar amarrada
sobre el pelo, luz

derritiéndose sobre la piel

Tanta alegría
mientras la nubes
transitaban rubias y ciegas
palomas espiando
las boronas
que la dialéctica del viento
trae y se lleva

Esto es un pleno enamoramiento
con el suelo
que sostiene pero nunca

Feb. 29


The house is now in order.

The voice in my head
suggests that I add a slice of avocado.

I follow diligently the suggestion
to leave the stones out of the foundation.

You can wreck it now,
bring back chaos: it is only a pet.

The description of what is,
without category or detail.

It is only a beetle stuck to your eye.

Whatever is achieved
should not always be remembered.

There are two types of masturbation,
related to time.

The closer you study a situation,
the more strenuous it is to establish a fact.

It has never rained so much in 150 years.

I used to think
despair was the only answer to life.

There is a great wave approaching us,
nobody can predict what kind of light it will bring.

I have never before struggled so much
to ignore harmony.

I think we will sell the piano
and start a new dream.

It is the essence of life to be occupied;
water is often involved.

The avocado falls to the floor;
tears swell up.

The kids arrive and the logos begins to tremble.

It is still raining outside,
since the beginning of the day.

I wipe off the first word
and then say: hungry?

The girls like the way
we have styled the living room.

This sentence evokes a sensation of existence.

People are picking up the news
with their bare hands.

I said I love you,
but concealed a parcel of shield as I blinked.

The heart has a necessity to explode,
regardless what surrounds,
what obscures it.




21st century poetry

The Unknown is Shining – solo exhibition

I’m happy to announce I will be showcasing a solo exhibition – The Unknown is Shining – at Der Kaiser is tot- det frie galleri in Copenhagen.

| The exhibition will run from December 14th, 2019 to January 27th, 2020 |


Here’s a link to FB event:

Hope to see some of you that are based in or around Copenhagen.