One thought on “Space inside the fire

  1. I have two interpretations of this poem…

    1. Poets who write about nature tends to relate it to relationships. In this case a toxic relationship… I first looked at fire, I felt like fire was metaphorical for something – as are most elements in nature poems; once the fire starts it it inevitable to cause destruction and the smoke it produces hides away it’s doings. It could relate to something bad that happens although you are distracted by the beauty of it. It’s like if a man was a attached to a women that was no good for him but her beauty is distracting him from her toxicity.

    1st paragraph could be – (once interested in the world) once interested in women or love but that has changed now, (flavour) sexualy attracted to them.

    2nd paragraph : (once rooted) so once the fire starts it it inevitable to cause destruction basically you can’t stop it causing damage (determined to dissolve) … (tradition of mist – clouded) the smoke it produces hides away it’s doings… (by it’s nature) if interpreted that he is speaking about a women, he could say that women ALL are toxic , she has ruined women or love for him… linking to the first paragraph where he said (he was once interested) she is what had changed that… giving her emotional importance and power over the writer.

    3rd paragraph: ( to wash away his permanence) – permanent his love will never change…( dedication) – it could mean he will always lover her and that he is faithful to only her – this could suggest she was unfaithful to him… again showing her manipulation and power over the writer. (yet fresh with light) she is still beautiful as ever (that descends slowly) but she isn’t innocent she is just tactical with her manipulation… descend can mean a sudden attack or movement of falling down… can relate to her unexpectedly acting out, making him feel quite low and depressive. it could also mean he seeing her less now, could again suggest she has been sleeping around.

    last paragraph: (the mountain of dust that serves as a shadow) I think is that he can’t understand women (mysterious)

    2. some poems can be quite literal, although not necessarily about a fire and mountains but a lot cigarette and the curiosity that led him to this addiction. In the title it says space inside the fire you could relate that to in a cigarette or in weed for example.

    1st paragraph: (I was once intereseted) he was curious to try new things… he doesn’t anymore
    (flavour and meaning) why people like the taste why they do it.

    2nd paragraph: (now rooted) now addicted or even just hooked. (determined to dissolve) it’s natural but it’s harmful.
    3rd paragraph: (without rain) with our help or rehab… he can’t do this alone. (wash) what he is doing is toxic. (my permanence) my addiction. (fresh with light) he has just lit the cigarette… he is smoking as he is writing -irony. (that descends slowly) cigarettes shorten when you smoke it… as does your life.

    last paragraph: even after smoking it he still doesn’t understand why people smoke… he never understood what he wanted to find out (mystery)

    I’m not a poetry expert whatsoever, I was helping a friend out and there didn’t seem to be anything on the this poem, I wanted to share my interpretations to see whether anyone thought of the poem in the same way or differently.

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