I have created nothing new.

In the beginning everything was still.
Then there was an itch or ache and totality stirred.
A dance was born.
Wave after wave of color emerged.
Rains of sound were released from the center.
The original impulse became two, trees, fire.
Its unity was broken, reflected from a trillion eyes.
Rhythm appeared as an essential trait.
Pulses emanated, at times violent, at times sad.
Wonder and angst fucking inside the skull’s crater.
A mad civilization rose, structure after structure.
A sea of ideas now saturates the air.
Here we are in this vast corner surrounded by a cosmos.
We are the same as IT.
These pictures are throbs of that primordial energy.
I have created nothing new.



2 thoughts on “I have created nothing new.

  1. I have no idea how I wandered across your site, but I’m very much enjoying your material. It’s an elegant blend of ideas strung together by hope and a nearly Schizoid understanding that there is a way for that sequence of letters to be linked together. If what I’ve read so far is any indication, I think that we may be kindred spirits….words used to entertain, baffle, entice, consume and entertain. Yet there is always the understanding that they are keys to oneself, and the spread of knowledge. I look forward to following you more.

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