sensorial lands

Sensorial Lands Poem Tree of Life

The unintelligibility of the hand
arbitrary and soft
the fingers of the lover
enough heat from the sun
a momentary window on my skin
an animal cry
born in every vein –
I’m trembling against the vastness
I’m already in the garden
wondering how these flowers
connect me to the beginning of life
I see your naked body
on the disquieted branch
I am splinter
striking the sky –
have you felt the insect
climbing simultaneously
our arms and forests…
the universe peacefully
on your breasts;
have we knitted our mysteries
with yellow fire
will we love in silence
observing the wild dance
of the worlds –
somewhere with closed eyes
our origin
a purpose incomprehensible
all formations and eruptions
your lips are asleep
an epoch
with the rain as memory
we die as children.


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