With a simple line

I have to start somewhere 

   with a simple line, a simple word

with a message parallel to


From what premise should we start ?

         That the world is seriously important

or that it is unimportantly foolish.

              Take your stand,

there is no final stance

          a long-winded illusion

appearing and disappearing

         at times irrefutably real

other hours, come as falling dream’s ash.

       I have to end somewhere

with a simple line, a final sigh.

Nihilistic Poetry

One thought on “With a simple line

  1. “You can’t be serious!”
    We say that when we don’t want to believe what we hear.

    We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, now should we?

    A reluctant acceptance of the facts is resignation. That’s okay.
    Despair leads to growth, an impetus of change. Take action!
    Or don’t. Choices we do have, and sometimes decisions are
    made for us. Meaning…control…don’t expect too much.

    You said a lot with few words here, Pablo.
    Very good, in my mind! Take care, UT

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