a stroll

Contemporary Poetry
I walked alone b/c
the streets were attempting
to be white
I’m all sorts of blues
so what a contrast that was,
when I found the open boulevard
imitating a mouth or lights
exactly like my sparkling daze-hood,
the shadows were falling everywhere
like broken pieces of love,
I could hear cars, reminding me
that I’m nothing but a drive;
I was hoping for a journey but found
myself crushing little roads of silence
blinking sadly,
am i the only poet out here



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winter contemporary poetry

again living
standing on cobblestone
where the grey amnesia of the sky
meets the wet mirror of the street
the snow rests nested
in the tucked arms of branches
imperceptibly rocked into a dreamless winter
voices, alien and desperate
emerge and then disappear
in accidental alternation
like those winds that visit trees
and the zoom out of sight
into a hemisphere of silence
the youth, the drunk and the dying
calling out: it’s too late
adding to the noise
that slowly lulls
the entire earth
to sleep.

contemporary poetry