Father what is bigger than the moon?
The earth my child.
Because if the earth were an empty bird’s nest,
it could fit several moons inside.

What’s bigger than the earth?
A sun my child.
Because if a sun were an orange
then the earth’d be a tiny crumb of bread.
If you were starving, which one would you pick?

What’s bigger than a sun?
A galaxy my child.
Because if a sun were a bee,
a galaxy would be a swarm of bees
flying in hypnotic circles, ellipses
and parabolas around their hive.

What’s bigger than a galaxy?
Human thought my child.
Because thought is like a net
that can catch all the bees in the universe
and put them in a jar and study their
colors, structure, venom, instincts,
language, and habits.

What’s bigger than human thought?
Emptiness my child.
Because thought is like a tiny bubble in the vast
sea of nothingness that surrounds us, leaving
little more than a local ripple on the surface
once it expires.

What’s bigger than emptiness?
Mystery my child.
Because mystery is the quality that all things
share in their being or nonbeing.

What’s bigger than mystery?
You my child… you.

- dedicated to my unborn daughter

Contemporary Poetry

tear of nothingness

This a breeze

a puff of blur

a word too fragile

another troubling gasp


outside, the tender world

a tissue I would caress

but this fear of breaking

what is ready to crumble

stops me, so I climb

the tallest dumpster

and watch these children despair


Every man is an ant

or a walking trapezoid

I can’t keep quiet

the medicine of sound

it comes now as prophesizing twilights


I admit, that licking a wound

is another form of poem

and to walk is to flee a little

and to be alone is to create a river


I don’t write a single word to convince

         but to cry

            a tear of nothingness

a too-late warning


that we are slowly disappearing

and we never knew why