fields of visions


Long breadth
an afternoon
in the ebb to unknown
was braver ago
than this flow of impetus.

The endlessly ontological
thrust of here. In accordance to
some laws rooted in seed and smoke,
a dab of cosmos along the tracks
early in the familiar day.

Awake, awake and a consequence.
For here is the strength to lift
the poison of life and its powerless

This body still nested
as soft dull, still, born, erosion.

Then, at that point,
I perceived that all around
me were fields, fields
of wheat and leaves.

I perceive the sun
as particle in
the lazy pulse
of the sea.

Then deep smaller
motion creating
the assemblage of hours.

To them as tight
as horizon, in the
feminine shadow of



Contemporary Poetry

to another vision

Burn to crumbs

to infernal to love to

agony to evaporation

to rebirth to a thousand human

screams to another

to another vision

to another of all possible worlds

burn with anger

dare to bring collapse

collective shield of cowardice

be alone to be silent

to restart to reformulate

to negate all to remake all

from alas to alas

perish world by world

planet after planet

sun to sun

ignite! ignite!

ignoble race, ignite!

to hate to love again

to die to be reborn

ignite immortal missioners

to purge heights and abysses

unite in the fire

ignite in invisible apotheosis

from plight to undreamt of

life…                                        begin!