I saw a sun today

Sky Poetry

I saw a sun today
it was like a specter
belonging to unsolvable fiction,
it had a wide abyss
as a mouth
made of the purest light;
the naked trees
as deadly as knives
daggers defending the earth
from the intrusion of the sky,
it was worship
in the eyes, veiled by sight, bathed in perception,
drenched in mind;
it was like my whole life
was meant to be scorched
by this sun
and I would fail at everything
except this rhapsody of





nihilistic poetry

ex nihilo

Ex Nihilo Poetry
I’ve come close
to developing incurable nausea
biting the world so often
it’s starting to swarm like primordial chaos’s pulp
lingering in my mouth
it proliferates in my stomach
constant genesis out my ass
the feeling is still there
I’ve had too much of it
I need a new distraction
ex nihilo
I can invent a death
  so pristine
it returns to life
    its facet of dream.


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