House of body

I believe
in a body
that made unity
its pharaoh
and went underground
carrying a sun as diverse
as the book of autumn
and as example
made every word
a monument
and worshipped
every grain of sand
as a thousand years of change,
with its hand it felt
the different aspects of truth
and knitted language
with the roots of an ancient sky
this body, I believe
left its mortal shell
as an invisible song
featherless and boundless
while drunk from the universe
we began licking the memories
of its dream.





Nihilistic Poetry



My creator
has abandoned me
the hands that spun these
are now caressing
night axioms and
the poet left
a poem
somewhere lost
in the motions
of the automatic world,
I am the victim
a spirit
that occupies briefly
whatever soul
treads these words
but, alas
ultimately doomed
to perish
as your
my final

nihilistic poetry

Joy of Participation

From the dark cloud
   that was my death before my birth
From the impervious past
   that is my womb
From nothingness void
   that sprung my being
      into this magnificent universe of light
As I awake
   from the caverns of dreams
My eyes visit
   a strange changing realm
Vision has kindled
   the torch of nature´s stage
Amongst crowds, streets and trees
   silent contemplation reveals
the daily world (of chats, smiles and meals)
   as mysterious as death and the galaxies;
on this planet
   repetition has blunt the miraculous
Frightening as it is
   this irrepressible human world
never to forget
   it belongs to a greater whole
Small is our size
   but great our joy of participation
       in this universe incomprehensible