the process


The axis of third world haircuts

the bland greed of vodka drinkers

the pale skin of the lonely heart

the tomato sun of the market

the prison noise of the taxi-bus

the Cyrillic insistence of the numbered floor

the deathblow in the eyes of the stranger foe

–          Chisinau my jail –

the guilty joy of soaring through the clouds

the change and the chaos

the memory

and the wait.

Nihilistic Poetry Blog

seltzer star

Mystery sun

Seltzer star
fizzling like a pill of dust
in the throat of mass misery
wrapped in prison hours
and seconds of miniature perceptual escapes,
the culmination of moths around the light
of the existing moment;
wrought in carrousel indictments,
suspended voice and hermit name –
like a dog,
in the senseless procedure
of understanding
the cause and reason of events,
have I been freed
from the road of collision
with the master plan of chance?

I stay longer
in the night brimming
with fizzling astral loathsomeness
my hand in the pocket
and the wretched expanse
as a dark expression of

Nihilistic Poetry Blog