Nightmare’s Pendulum

I am constantly disappearing…

   echoing faint voices, distant howls

together with dust

       together with silence’s gaze

watching the black oblivion hanging

                       like a nightmare’s pendulum

on these modern walls


            ask yourself now

should we celebrate our meaninglessness

             or despair from our short-lived sojourn
Are these darkest skies, games to play


        the cries of hunger and misery – unreal songs

spoken winds from distant tribesmen


               light, weightless
as unchanging light-bulbs circled by ghostly moths


         humans are mist

shallow shadows built to dream

                   and float about unending abysses



so close to the edge of madness – mothers reply

      hold my hand, while we both come undone

consumed by the selfless void, our friend eternally:



                         wasteland of forms